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Your Data is Worth Money, and This Data Startup Will Help you Sell It

Your Data is Worth Money, and This Data Startup Will Help you Sell It

Reading Time: 3 minutes by on March 1, 2018 ICO/IEO
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Over the past decade, the internet has steadily grown from a relatively paltry one billion users in 2005 to almost four billion at the end of 2017. Each day, billions of people log onto the world’s most popular platforms where they shop for clothes, chat with friends, listen to music, and watch videos.

With each click, platforms create a more complete user profile that they can sell to advertisers for hefty sums of money.

How much? That depends on the platform, but the biggest players in the digital advertising business, Google and Facebook, brought in more than $100 billion from digital ad sales in 2017. Although these two platforms comprise almost half of all digital ad sales, there is more than $100 billion for all other platforms as well.

In short, it’s a lot of money.

Currently, the only compensation that users receive for their unfathomably valuable data is free access to the various social media platforms. However, the ability to scroll through a Facebook feed without fees feels like an inadequate perk.

Now, blockchain technology and the Wibson platform have made a way for users to reclaim their data and to sell it to advertisers in a decentralized marketplace.

Introducing Wibson

Headed by CEO Matías Travizano, Wibson provides the infrastructure for individuals to securely and privately sell their data to advertisers. Wibson validates this information, so advertisers have an additional incentive to participate in their marketplace.

Wibson is founded on four fundamental principles: transparency, anonymity, fairness, and control. Unlike the current arrangement between online consumers and advertisers, Wibson supplies users with a full report about how their data is being used and sold. Moreover, using a simple supply and demand marketplace, Wibson enables users to sell their data so that they are fairly compensated for the valuable resource they’re providing.

The Benefits

As far as recent and upcoming ICO’s go, there are several blockchain-based platforms looking to reorient users’ relationship with their data. However, only Wibson provides a way for them to capitalize on this information. The process is surprisingly simple.

Guided by their core principles, Wibson protects user data by providing anonymity and control to a once invasive and secretive practice.

Not only does this allow users to monetize their data, but because Wibson is hosted on the blockchain, it guards against DDoS attacks, which have plagued centralized platforms and have compromised user data at alarming rates.

It’s this combination of compensation and security that makes Wibson such a compelling platform.

Who It’s For

It’s estimated that an individual’s user data is worth approximately $240 each year. However, that number could also be significantly higher.

User data doesn’t discriminate, and neither do advertisers. Wibson is available to anyone who wants to capitalize on their data. Moreover, since nearly everyone is already providing this data without compensation, it’s worth exploring how Wibson can help you sell that information.

How to Get Involved

On February 27, Wibson hosted a launch event in Barcelona. For those interested in following the platform’s launch online, their Alpha List is available for anyone to sign up for.

The data marketplace is already massive. It’s comprised of every click, view, and chat that we encounter online. Unfortunately, the current arrangement benefits platforms and advertisers, but it cuts out the most critical part – the users providing their data. By reorienting this relationship, Wibson is restoring power to the consumer while also making the experience safe, easy to follow, and widely accessible. In many ways, it’s the tangible expression of an internet guided by market forces and equity rather than greed and secrecy.


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