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Democratizing the Hard Fork: Forkgen Gives Users Crazy Crypto Power (Sort Of)

Democratizing the Hard Fork: Forkgen Gives Users Crazy Crypto Power (Sort Of)

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on December 24, 2017 Bitcoin, News, Tech

In a “VERY SERIOUS” disclaimer, Forkgen’s trusted social media intern explained that more fork’s better manifest Satoshi’s true vision. Now, users, no matter the level of technical experience, can make their own altcoin and change the world one chain at a time.

“Rogerverified” Discount

On December 19, 2017, Forkgen Tech tweeted out a massive rebate for any followers interested in generating their own Bitcoin fork. Although the 30 percent discount will be discontinued at the end of the week, the coupon code will not soon be forgotten.

In the fickle world of day-in, day-out altcoins, it seems only natural that the crypto space would generate such a tool. In many ways, the service also provides an adequate lesson wave of Bitcoin forks during 2017.

The most prominent, as well as controversial, being Bitcoin Cash in August 2017. Lesser known forks such as Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, United Bitcoin, and Lightning Bitcoin have enjoyed far less mainstream discussion. And for a minimal cost of 0.001 bitcoin, anyone can make the next generation of Bitcoin fork.

The above image gives potential users an idea of how exactly their new cryptocurrency will fork and along which metric, but it is only by scrolling down that we are allowed access to more critical features. The importance of a quality name, for instance, or the angle of the logo should take the highest priority.

In another jab at the capricious nature of the crypto space, Forkgen’s FAQ section indicates that “Any losses of funds, reputation, etc. are solely the responsibility of the individual or organization running the software, even if the losses are caused by bugs in the Forkgen software.”

In years to come, implies the software provider, many a novice entrees to the budding market should extend this warning to new altcoins and forks. Thus, the service renders the complex and sometimes opaque technological features of crypto to a critique of the space overall.

This sentiment is especially felt upon further reading; “Forkgen is interactive performance art.”

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