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How is Using the Blockchain to Support Hiring Managers

How is Using the Blockchain to Support Hiring Managers

Reading Time: 3 minutes by on January 22, 2018 ICO/IEO
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You know your friend who posts every single thing they do and think on social media? Every meal they eat, party they attend, thought they think, all gets aired like dirty laundry (literally) for everyone to see. It wasn’t a problem a number of years ago when social media sites like Facebook were primarily used by millennials.

But times have changed. Now more hiring managers are checking potential hires’ social media accounts to find out who they really are. In fact as many as one in 10 job hunters lost a job opportunity due to a lack of discernment on social media. While this is bad for job hunters, it’s great for employers. Their job is made easier as they can remove potential candidates from a hiring list simply through social media.

While some social media sites like Facebook are the water cooler for dirty laundry, other social media sites like LinkedIn are the gloating of professional experience. Now, hiring managers are forced to sift through professional history, wondering if it is all true. It’s as easy for someone to exaggerate on LinkedIn about their professional history as it is to post an inappropriate photo on Facebook.

Hiring managers face other challenges as well. They have to spend the time checking multiple social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Upwork and Fiverr. Also, sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn allows employees to post reviews of the company. These reviews can go a long way into a job offer being accepted or denied.

Managing multiple social media platforms is another problem hiring managers face. Currently, social media and recruiting websites control the information that is stored there. Imagine you run a growing business and are looking to hire more employees. You’ve got great endorsements, but they’re on LinkedIn. You have just heard about Glassdoor and are trying to build a reputation on that site as well. With the current system, instead of transferring your LinkedIn reviews to Glassdoor, you have to start from scratch.

All of these problems can be solved. And is providing the solution.

How Uses Blockchain To Make Hiring Managers Jobs Easier

A blockchain-based network, is a platform that can be used by job seekers and hiring managers alike. It provides a single place to store, post and validate information that is essential to the job hiring process. From your company profile, to the reputation you have built, and the network of connections you have acquired, all of this and more can be stored on the protocol. Most importantly, gives you, the user, the control. provides a solution to better recruiting. First, it helps validate potential employee information. In order to accomplish this, we need to understand how the platform works.

Built on Ethereum’s blockchain, is powered by it’s token, DOCK. The token accompanies shared data usage between apps. When information needs to be accessed, the app uses tokens to access it. Conversely, apps receive DOCK tokens when new data is created.

This is how ensures validity of data. Because no transaction can be made unless the app accepts the data that is being transferred. This means that reviews on apps like Glassdoor, Upwork or Fiverr cannot be made up or forged. Those apps themselves must verify that the information shared to is coming from that site. 

Hiring managers and recruiters are facing challenges in their job that are completely unique to the day and age we live in. While some hiring decisions might be made easy through inappropriate Facebook posts, other decisions have been made even more difficult through the number of social media accounts that a potential hire has. Not to mention wondering if that information is true. All of this can be solved with, the blockchain platform for job hunters and recruiters alike.


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