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Dorian Nakamoto hosts AMA on Reddit

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on October 11, 2015 News

Dorian Nakamoto appeared on Reddit to participate in an AMA on October 9, 2015. Nakamoto is the man whose life was famously turned upside after wrongly being named the creator of Bitcoin over a year ago by the overzealous news reporter, Newsweek’s Leah Goodman.

During the AMA, Nakamoto clarified what occurred in the Newsweek interview, which included numerous incorrect or altered facts/quotes.

His response highlighted the relentless persistence of Goodman, the author of the circumstantial evidence-riddled article,  which completely shocked the unemployed 64-year-old engineer.

“This is what exactly happened. Leah stalked me to come out and stayed ~45 minutes at my door steps which are later I’ve found not lawful. Then she had disappeared. I saw her walking away from our driveway, around the front sidewalk, turned abruptly back toward our house, looked like she was heading toward my side door. So I called the sheriff. She then re-appeared with her car (which she parked away from my site when she knocked on my door) while I was talking to the two officers on my driveway. I’ve told the two officers that I did not want to talk to the reporter. But the 2nd sheriff after talking to Leah came back to me (he went to talk to Leah in her car out on the street) and advised me to talk to her else she won’t go away. That sheriff is supposed to be on my side. I was not like a celebrity who would be badgered like this daily and I gave in.”

Even after Satoshi Nakamoto’s dormant account on the p2p foundation commented, “I am not Dorian Nakamoto,” Newsweek remained steadfast in its support of Goodman’s article. Goodman even went on to publish a follow-up article where she stayed consistent with her original article.

Since the article was published in March 2014 over a year ago, Nakamoto, as well as his lawyer Ethan Kirschner, launched the now defunct website “Newsweek Lied” where donations, including Bitcoin, were accepted.

The AMA also included Nakamoto’s thoughts on Bitcoin, after being submerged in it against his will. He wrote at length about the philosophy of Bitcoin and the need to keep it decentralized and accessible to the masses.

Nakamoto’s AMA was well received by the Bitcoin community, receiving nearly 600 upvotes.

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