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Egretia Educational Series 9: Attracting Developers to Build DApps

Egretia Educational Series 6: How Does Egretia’s Distributed Communication and Storage Service work?

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on October 4, 2019 Altcoins
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Welcome to the educational series of Egretia. Here we discuss all the different components of the Egretia ecosystem.

To continue the road towards further decentralization, Egretia has been working on a driven HTML5 Distributed Storage and Communications Service to provide decentralized server-side communications and distributed storage. This allows Egretia to be able to work with more third-party public chains and technology suppliers to provide developers with broader distributed communications & storage tools. So… what does this exactly mean for you? Well, the more developers, applications and content available the more decentralized the server nodes become. This also allows the storage of data and files to be read more quickly as well.

In addition to helping developers create a game from concept, it becomes easier to migrate a single-player game to a cross-regional, cross-server, low-latency online game based on Egretia’s technology, thereby significantly reducing game development costs. This is also the reason Egretia is developing its own blockchain (instead of relying on Ethereum) as customized solutions are needed within the gaming blockchain environment to provide these tools. The decentralized global server nodes will also allow for a quicker and more stable transmission of gamer data and offer great support of large multiplayer online games.

Moreover, core data will be processed through smart blockchain-based contracts and this seamless coordination will ensure fairness and a smooth gaming experience for all. Developers will have (1) quick matches to enrich the gameplay, (2) quick access to modularise the game lobby, room, and allow for interactive processes, and (3) a server-side framework based on smart contracts to extend their server networking capabilities to implement customized server-side game logic. If you got interested in developing a gaming DApp after reading this, we recommend you to join our Global DApp Contest to take advantage of the tools we provide. The winners will also be offered a total of $300K bounty and rewards, including further support for project development, incubation, and potential investments. Sign up quickly!

If you have anything questions or you have a specific request you like us to write about, then please visit our Telegram channel and let us know: Stay tuned for more!

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