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Enter the Exahash Era: Demand for Bitcoin Miners Surges

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on April 12, 2016 News, Tech
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Whatsapp, one of the largest bitcoin miner manufacturers in the world today,  recently announced that its first batch of 14nm miners has sold out, with pre-orders already coming in for the company’s June (summer season) delivery.

The 14nm chips, commonly known as the B11 chips, provide substantially high levels of miner hash power compared to other products available in the market, ranging from 3 TH/s to 10TH/s. Since the end of January, when the bitcoin mining industry first entered the Exahash era, the demand for high performance mining hardware and chips like the BW B11 chips have been surging at an incredible rate.

“The demand from our valued customers has been tremendous,” said the team. “In the last few months BW has been able to successfully complete crowd funds for our B11, B12 and have nearly reached the goal for our latest offering B16 Hash Investments. We have also fulfilled the pre-orders from our top customers who requested large volumes of 14nm miners.”

Most of’s clientele is composed of established and reputable mining firms and because of it, the team often receives large volume orders of bitcoin mining gear that is difficult to keep up with. However, with the company’s hash investment products, the team has been trying to meet most of the large volume pre-sale and purchase requests.

“We expect to produce around 150 petahash, however due to our hash investment products there could be a greater increase in April. We are confident that we can meet the high demand from the market at this time,” said Virgilio Lizardo Jr, Head of International at Bitbank (BW’s parent company) during an interview back in February.

Despite the efforts of the team, the April batch of the manufactured B11 chips sold out completely as soon as they were available for sale. Recognizing this unexpected demand for bitcoin miners, the team decided to release yet another batch of its mining chips in June, which will be publicly available for anyone to purchase around the world.

“With this very positive news we must also unfortunately update that BW will be delaying the public sale of our 14nm miners until June 2016. At that time customers from around the world will be able to purchase the 14nm miners at,” the company stated.

Lizardo further explained that new hardware and products in the bitcoin mining industry will continued to be developed and adopted at a rapid pace. He emphasized that this growth in demand for mining chips and hardware is significant to the security of Bitcoin. Bitcoin transactions on the network are verified and confirmed by miners using mathematical algorithms and computing power to solve blocks of transaction data. Thus, hash power, which is the measurement of computing power contributed to the network, directly displays the level of security that is being dedicated to the network to secure transactions.

“The introduction of new hardware in the mining industry continues at a rapid pace — therefore this will lead to a continued rise in the hash rate cementing bitcoin as the most secure network on the planet,” said Lizardo.

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