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Ethercraft Goes Live: What Is It and How Does It Work

Ethercraft Goes Live: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on January 18, 2018 Entertainment, Ethereum, News
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If you missed the CryptoKitties craze, Ethercraft might be the next big thing – and now is the time to get involved.

What is Ethercraft?

Ethercraft is a newly-launched role-playing game that takes place on the Ethereum network. As it is still under development, it was released at its MVP stage, where users can experience the essence of the game while new features are gradually added.

According to a detailed Medium post, Ethercraft is inspired by games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Rogue, Ultima, and ADOM. The core objective is to buy and craft items, trade with other users or sell them for real-world Ether. The player equips his character with the specially-crafted elements to gain a competitive edge over other players – and then sends his character to assassinate enemies and loot dungeons.

Those intent only on making money off the game have the option to bypass actual gameplay entirely, instead focusing on attaining and selling items, which can become incredibly complex and use a unique chain of raw materials to craft.

The gold pieces found in the game are linked to an ER20 token and are used for in-game purchases such as buying resources from the Ethercraft shop. Gold can be earned through completing challenges and fulfilling objectives in the game, and can then be sold via a smart contract for a fixed rate of ether. As the value of ether goes up, so too does the value of the gold in Ethercraft.

To ensure that the contract is always able to purchase gold, money raised from in-game item sales is allocated to a fund linked to the smart contract.

If that weren’t enough for players, gold has another function: It represents a governing vote in the development of Ethercraft and its respective smart contracts. Through this practice, true decentralization is created, as the players play a keen part in deciding which features are changed or added to the game.

When viewed from this angle, Ethercraft is in a different league to all the other blockchain-based games that have popped up in recent months. For one, it is the only decentralized game that has cryptocurrency built into the very core of its development.

Early Bird Gets the Worm, or Ether

Ethercraft launched with 60 items available in the in-game store. Some of these items are available for free, while others incur a small cost in Ethereum. The free items do have a small transaction fee, however, and are limited to only one item for each transaction.

Standard items have a fixed cost and are not limited to the amount that can be purchased at a time – though some of them are only available for 48 hours, and are tagged as seasonal items.

Other items are tagged as enchanted. As these trinkets and weapons are rarer, they carry a higher value and are limited to one for every transaction. What makes them highly valuable is that they earn the player an amount of ether, later to be replaced with gold, for every subsequent sale.

Players who get in on Ethercraft while in its infancy have an advantage over players that join later, as many items are given away for free with the launch. Also, early players will have the ability to craft new items at a significantly reduced cost if they use ones obtained for free, and they will likely make a profit far quicker as others join the game.

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