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Ethereum-Based Payment Platform, Request Network, Announces Blockchain Partnership with PwC

Ethereum-Based Payment Platform, Request Network, Announces Blockchain Partnership with PwC

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on March 29, 2018 Blockchain, Business, Ethereum, News, Tech
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In a massive step towards cryptocurrency adoption as a whole, Request Network signed a partnership with PwC France, as announced in Singapore on March 26, 2018. Request Network is a decentralized network that allows anyone to request a payment for which the recipient can pay securely. This innovation results in cheaper, easier, and more secure payments, and provides for a wide range of automation possibilities.

With More Adoption, Comes More Interest

As one of the most talked about technologies in the last few years, the introduction of blockchain technology has undoubtedly led companies into investing substantial amounts into research, and even creating independent labs.

After all, companies benefit on a global level since a distributed ledger offers to make essential business processes more transparent, efficient, and secure.

BTCManager previously reported the “Big Four” foray into blockchain. On the heels of positive news, is yet another considerable partnership announced by the Request Network Foundation and PwC France.

PwC is an auditing firm which that provides audit, risk advisory, and financial services to its clients.

This agreement will shape and collectively develop the future of professional services, taking a leading role in offering solutions to clients’ needs of on-boarding blockchain to their business practices.

Marie Ricard, a partner at PwC’s Blockchain lab, said :

“Today we’re taking a chance to experience new opportunities, new technology, new type of management, new mindset of living together, share and collaborate: this is exactly what Blockchain promises to us.”

What Does Request Network Do?

Via its private framework, Request Network is a decentralized network that provides a platform for companies to develop their financial systems based on their technology.

An ecosystem of developers and network builders called the “Request Network Hub,” was created by Request’s team. The Hub enables developers working on different projects to contribute to Request Net’s array of solutions.

Christophe Lassuyt, Co-Founder of Request Network, said:

“We are glad to form a partnership with the PwC France Blockchain Lab, creating a bridge between the corporate and blockchain industries. This partnership facilitates industries to innovate and adopt financial solutions using blockchain technology.”

Increased Interest In Blockchain Services

PwC has reported an increase in interest from clients who wish to introduce blockchain services in their practice.

A partnership with Request Network is a real-world adoption of blockchain in the traditional financial market, as the two companies have similar interests in advanced blockchain development.

PwC’s Blockchain Lab, the center where it deploys employees for blockchain implementation and research, consists of teams which specialize in cybersecurity law, data science, and quantitative finance, among others.

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