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Ethereum-Powered Civil Aims to Advance the Journalism Industry Using Blockchain

To understand this question, one must understand the current issues with journalism. The problems with journalism have never changed much. Governments, corporations, and powerful have controlled the world of journalism. The widespread lack of transparency, accountability, and in some instances, the use of censorship, or threats towards journalists to prevent their work from being published. It is indeed a dog-eat-dog world in the Wild Wild West of what the journalism is today.

While the puppeteers from above have always been there, there is an exponential growth of public concern about the crisis in journalism, and it is demanding that the system changes. The business model for journalism needs to be ripped out from under it, and re-written.

Currently, there are many ways to pay for news, and each has their pros and cons. There is government funded news which lacks independence and trust. There is also non-profit (philanthropy), potentially independent, which has unpredictable long-term sustainability. There is always the prioritized scale, shoddy, cheap, and shocking content paid by advertising companies which often also harvests personal data from viewers.

As the world has been continuously shifting into the digital age, many news companies have given up their relationship with Google and Facebook. On Google or Facebook distribution and livelihood depend on playing by these platforms’ rules, even if you try to growth-hacking them to generate better results (SEO keyword stuffing or socially engineered clickbait). All the while, advertising became the predominant funding source for online media, yet the vast majority is scooped up by Google and Facebook.

In summary, the Internet, once an inspiring utopian of a free and open information and communication network has now become known for noise, nastiness, misinformation and wrong incentives when it comes to journalism. Meanwhile, journalists have faced mass layoffs and many news organizations have gone under completely. The Journalism industry is taking a significant hit.

The weak public sentiment towards news agencies is demonstrated as Trump’s favorite term has become increasingly famous, “Fake News;” as people have lost trust in their news agencies. The more significant problem is that this issue is not getting any better, in fact, it’s getting worse, and fast.

“Journalism needs a radically new operating paradigm.” – Civil

Civil Media Company Steps in to Save the Day

This is where Civil Media Company has stepped into bridge-the-gap and strengthen the broken relationship between the news and the public. The engines behind Civil began to get running when A Ph.D. in machine learning from Mexico asked if he could help with the project because the corruption and violence against journalists in his home country were so horrible, and that he lives in fear for the future security and prosperity of his country. From the other side of the globe, a journalist in Egypt reached out and asked whether Civil could help her news organization battle off the government. The government was being persistent in its efforts to block the public from accessing her news website and social media. Finally, an entrepreneur in India asked if he could start his own news company on Civil to “help the democracy survive” because “most media here is sold to politicians and corporations.” With these complaints piling up, Civil knew they had to take action. The world has already demonstrated the need for Civil as around 600 organizations has already applied to start newsrooms on Civil, 40% of which come from outside the United States.

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