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Ethereum Client Status Enables ENS Support and More in March towards Web3

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on September 27, 2018 Altcoins, Blockchain, Development, Ethereum, News, Platform
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On September 27, 2018, Status announced the launch of a suite of developer tools to enrich the Ethereum experience. Embark 3.2, created by Iuri Matias, will provide Ethereum Name Service (ENS) support, updated Vyper support, a Swarm compatible Javascript Library, and an improved build pipeline among other features. The cooperation is yet another initiative from Status Projects which is working to turn the Web3 into a reality.

Users and Developers Rejoice

The technical developments allow for a smoother development process in building out the Ethereum network. The result will lend itself to convenience and versatility when working with decentralized applications such as NFTs or prediction markets. Ultimately, the Web3 user experience will be much more accessible to interested parties.

Support for ENS, the decentralized web’s DNS equivalent, is perhaps the most intriguing inclusion. The naming protocol extends the oft-referenced metaphor between the world of crypto and the internet and makes it all the more clear. The service allows users to send items to names like “shauryamalwa.eth” rather than a complicated soup of numbers and letters. The Embark 3.2 framework streamlines this process for developers by omitting the need for multiple contracts and libraries to function correctly, according to Status.

The updated Embark release now includes the swarm-api which allows for better access to Swarm’s distributed storage platform that stores a public record of Ethereum’s ledger. Another feature enables developers to determine the gas costs of running each smart contract within the network before deploying the operation. The improved pipeline offers pre-configured plug-ins to help blockchain developers more easily build out their DApps. This advance includes the importation of major programming languages (CSS, JS) as well as providing support for React and JSX.

Iuri Matias told BTCManager that the partnership will “enable developers to create decentralized applications that make use of the full Web3 stack and all available technologies.” Further to that, he described why easing the building process will better serve the end user:

“This ties in well to the shared vision of Status and Embark – the mass adoption of Ethereum. We hope by equipping developers with the tools needed to create more user-friendly DApps, the ecosystem will grow both in term of production-ready applications and end-users.”

Web3 on the Horizon

The initiatives laid out by the Status team provide a clear ambition to bring about a next generation internet. In the first, Status’ Incubator provides technical mentorship, funding, and professional services for early-stage startups contributing to the decentralized ecosystem. The end goal is to bring emerging Ethereum-based projects up to speed with what’s around the corner. The inclusion of Matias’ developments are thus highly welcome:

“Status and Embark share a common vision for web3 – a thriving ecosystem of user-friendly, decentralized applications that uphold civil liberties and allow local communities to self-organize without the need of third-party intermediaries. Embark will help the vision become a reality by providing the open source tools to make these types of decentralized applications readily available and usable by technical and non-technical people alike.”

The startup similarly announced a partnership with OmiseGo (OMG) in July 2018 of which will integrate the latter’s decentralized exchange service (DEX). This will promote interoperable exchanges between different blockchains within the Status app. At the time of writing, ether (ETH) recovered from the most recent flippening with Ripple’s XRP and sits at $214.

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