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Every Crypto Trading Tool Under One Roof: FTEC

Every Crypto Trading Tool Under One Roof: FTEC

Reading Time: 3 minutes by on April 3, 2018 ICO/IEO
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The cryptocurrency boom of 2017 has created a sort of Wild West of asset trading under the crypto umbrella. Traders that have never had a chance to join in things like day-trading and stock investing are now seizing the opportunities that this new market has given them.

With this new market with its new players has come a plethora of new tools and techniques that are adapted for the crypto-world. Many have found great success using and developing these, however currently those working within this environment have to use an amalgamation of different tools from many different sources. FTEC is working to bring this all together for increased efficiency and a real community.

Why Use FTEC?

It’s a simple fact that the majority of cryptocurrency holders are not using them as a currency. The issues with that are an entirely different matter, but in the meantime looking at cryptos as a trade commodity is not an incorrect viewpoint.

FTEC has decided to aim their sights on this large sector of the crypto-world and in doing so are offering what amounts to an armory of trading tools designed specifically from analyzing cryptocurrency trading on a day-to-day basis while automating the process in ways that a single human cannot compete.

The result of all this being that FTEC now has an incredibly efficient and knowledgeable platform for those wishing to jump into trading. Their own social bots crawl Twitter, and other feeds to keep the most up to date information available for users to decide when and what to trade at any given moment while the platform offers high speed and safe transactions.

Furthermore, the FTEC platform constantly analyzes a trader’s past and current performance and help keep track of where previous trades may have gone wrong or when one traded correctly.

The FTEC Token

The FTEC Token is where the platform really offers something unique. The automation of trading was the main goal behind the FTEC project, meaning smart algorithms can decide for and trade for the user with a highly accurate bias for the best deals.

However, for this to work on a large scale a queue has to be formed for trades to occur for different users. The solution is simple enough, and the reason for the token. The FTEC token is a tool in itself to allow the user to control where they are in the queue. Selling off tokens pushes the holder further back and buying tokens pushes them further ahead, depending on how they feel about the trade that is occurring.

The token also allows for voting on decisions within the ecosystem about the vector which trading will occur. This means that those within the community who are trading will deliberate and push towards the best choice for the greatest possible outcome.

FTEC has created a very interesting system that allows for the would-be day trader to potentially increase their volume and make more informed trades within an ecosystem of like-minded individuals. Previously, this sort of efficiency was only available to those who created their own software or worked within firms specializing in this kind of trading. The benefits of this kind of trading are quite large if played correctly, and anyone interested in quick trading of cryptos should keep their eyes on FTEC.

The token sale begins April 11, 2018, and you can join the whitelist to get a 25 percent discount.


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