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Ex-Football Superstar Set To Sell Prized Mint 9 Mickey Mantle Card For Bitcoin

Ex-Football Superstar Set to Sell Prized Mint 9 Mickey Mantle Card for Bitcoin

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on March 28, 2018 Bitcoin, Business, Finance, News
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Evan Mathis, a one-time NFL lineman, has caught the bitcoin bug. At a time when the entire crypto market is experiencing a dull stagnation, the footballl superstar is not bothered at all and has put up his expensive Mickey Mantle card rated Mint 9 for sale in exchange for the pioneer cryptocurrency.

Super Bowl Winner Turned Card Collecting Hobbyist

Although still very much in nascent stages, the world of crypto is gradually maturing with each passing day. In this time of development, cryptocurrency and sports have become perfect friends.

That’s why it didn’t come as a surprise to crypto enthusiasts when Evan Mathis, the NFL superstar who retired from active sports just over 12 months ago, said he would accept bitcoin as a payment method for one of his most cherished possessions: A 1952 Mickey Mantle baseball card.

The Ex-player, who’s also an avid sports card collector, is selling the highly valued card to raise funds needed to purchase an estate near the area he grew up in Alabama.

According to the New York Times, Topps Mickey Mantle card is among the first set of baseball cards manufactured by Topps and is one of just six cards to have gotten a Mint 9 rating by PSA, a favorite sports souvenirs authenticator that has also rated three other cards Mint 10.

“Just that image of the young Mickey Mantle, over the years it’s been a centerpiece of the hobby. I guess it’s like the Mona Lisa of the sports card world,” Mathis declared.

Card for Bitcoin

The world’s largest collectibles auctioneer, Heritage Auctions is handling the ‘card for bitcoin’ transaction.

The Texas-based auction house has valued the card at a massive $3.5 million, making the Mint 9 Mickey Mantle card one of the most expensive cards to be sold to date.

The 1909 Honus Wagner card remains the most expensive card sold at auction. It was sold in 2016 for $3.12 million.

Considering the fact that the bears are ruling the cryptos market at the moment, some people might be tentative to accept bitcoin payments because no one knows how low the price of bitcoin could drop.

However, the sportsman has made it clear he has no reservations about accepting bitcoin and other altcoins. Mathis reported that:

“A lot of new money was created in crypto. There’s a lot of people that might have some newfound riches that they might want to diversify with, and I just kind of wanted to spread the target market out a little bit and give those guys a chance to jump in.”

If the crypto transaction is successful, Mathis shouldn’t have any problems getting a lovely apartment paid for in bitcoin, in his preferred area as many realtors have also caught the bitcoin fever and will be more than willing to transact in cryptos.

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