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Experty To Disrupt $470 billion Consulting Industry Through Decentralized Platform

Experty To Disrupt $470 billion Consulting Industry Through Decentralized Platform

Reading Time: 4 minutes by on November 17, 2017 ICO/IEO

The consulting industry is a $470 billion industry and quickly growing, but despite its move into the digital world, consultations are still stuck in the prehistoric age. Why is it that every time there is a problem with your computer, you have to drive down to the computer store just to know what’s wrong with it? Why do plumbers have to drive to your residence just to tell you that you need a new PVC pipe for your kitchen sink? There has got to be a better way.

Experty: Blockchain-Based Consulting

Imagine being able to pick up your smartphone at any hour and talk face-to-face with an expert about that grinding sound your car is making. How much easier would it be for your phone to settle the payment for you, without having to give out your credit card number to a consultant or even waste time haggling over payment? Experty is a Skype-like peer-to-peer app designed to get the expert help you need in an instant.

As the first blockchain based consulting application, Experty is breaking new ground in the consulting industry. With a smart contract driven payment system built directly into the app, it’s able to connect practically anyone for quick, ad hoc consultations. Traditionally, payments have been a hassle when consulting. Nothing is seamless, and middlemen always take a significant cut. Experty eliminates all of that, providing users with a fluid, easy experience.

Advisors will find Experty to be an excellent tool for connecting with clients. Payments are made by the minute without any elaborate setup, and without forcing the client to pay in advance or risking the advisor not being paid at all. Advisors can focus on helping the client by cutting out unnecessary haggling.

An advisor can share their Experty profile with potential clients via a simple link that can be posted on their social media, website, or given directly to a client. Once connected, a client simply has to call the expert using the app, and everything else is automatically done.

Client Overseas? No Access to a Bank? No Problem.

With both cryptocurrency and traditional credit card integration, Experty can handle even the most challenging consultation scenarios. This means that Experty can reach clients and consultants previously unreachable via conventional consulting tools. This allows it to disrupt and expand the consulting industry. Here are a few examples of what Experty can do.

Major corporations often hire strategists and management people, having to review complex issues. Projects can be just a few months, and ad hoc specialists are sometimes necessary. However, companies don’t need to hire them full-time and incur those costs. Instead of trying to find a single person with all the skills required for a project, companies can seek out multiple specialists that can handle smaller tasks for a shorter period. Less money and time is wasted this way. Specialists can sit in on meetings, give their input, and be paid for their time without having to be trained and integrated with a company.

Individuals will find Experty helpful as well, especially for appliance support. Everyone has issues with their electronics, so instead of having to haul it down to your local repair shop and pay them to tell you what’s wrong with it, why not call up someone using Experty and get direct advice, without ever having to travel? Having an expert be able to quickly tell you what’s wrong without having to waste time, and possibly miss work, just to bring your laptop to a shop makes life much easier.

Now that you’ve saved money on your electronics, you might want to figure out what to do with your extra cash. Perhaps, it’s time to talk with a financial advisor. We can all benefit from some financial advice and budgeting help. With a quick tap on your phone, you can be speaking to a financial advisor who can help you reduce your monthly budget, offer debt reduction advice, or help you invest some of that hard earned money. The knowledge and guidance of experts can make a massive impact on your financial future.

With everyone saving money, investing, and paying off debt, tax season can prompt a lot of questions. Is this income taxable? What can I write off on my taxes? People have these issues while they’re doing taxes that they don’t need to set up long meetings and appointments. Why not just make a call with Experty? Tax consultants don’t need to be hired permanently. Sometimes it’s only one or two questions that need to be asked.

Tax season is over, and you may have some extra money to spend on travel. Experty is useful for those looking to travel and who need a local expert to guide them through the trip. Where’s the best place to stay? How far is the airport? How expensive is the transportation? For example, a local expert knows how to avoid the tourist traps, where to get the best and cheapest drinks in town, and where to go for an authentic experience.

This will not only save you money but will better prepare you to have an amazing trip. You will waste less time worrying about your experience and more time experiencing the opportunities that the travel expert provided you. Experty means that you can consult a native resident next time you plan a trip to a new place.

Experty Cuts Overhead, Saves Time, and Adds Value

Consultants are professionals that provide expertise in a specific area of business. They review existing business processes and make recommendations to improve efficiency. This can add millions of dollars in value to a company.

Consulting firms sell the power of their collective knowledge to their clients, and large corporations end up paying a premium for these services. Consulting firms are often criticized for the high hourly rates they bill clients. Also, fees commonly vary for different firms and geographic locations. This has been a huge cause of contention in the industry. Why can’t there be a simple payment structure in which the client pays for the exact time a consultant spends on the projects instead of substantial overhead charges?

This is the problem that Experty solves. Experty will disrupt the current consulting business model by allowing the client to pay for the exact amount of time spent on the project rather than paying for extensive fees and overhead. The once enormous costs that corporations and individuals incur from their consulting needs can be chiseled down with Experty. This is the revolution in the consulting space.

Experty is currently preparing to host a Token Generation Event, set to begin in December 2017. To learn more about our exciting platform, please connect with us on Experty’s website.

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