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Farming Start-Up Uses Blockchain to Guarantee Food Quality

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on November 16, 2017 Blockchain, Business, News
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Ripe, an aptly named startup, now wants to integrate blockchain technology with farming. Farmers and other parts of the food supply chain can take advantage of this by keeping track of vital crop information and environment conditions, among other variables, as the farming cycle progresses.

Farming on the Blockchain

Ripe’s aim is simple; they want to track all properties of a particular crop during its journey from a farm to store shelves. From here, Ripe’s collaboration with IoT technologies comes into the picture. Farmers can use handheld input devices, either automated or manual, to log information about a crop.

The work of farmers and IoT devices can begin during seeding and extend all the way up to harvesting. This process enables factors like salinity and acidity levels to be kept in check and linked to a particular harvest.

During the harvesting phase, other players in the supply chain can be notified of the crop’s availability at a particular farm. From here, competing stores can assess the history, quality, and characteristics of the produce and make informed decisions about things like pricing.

The added transparency is also advantageous. Complete openness is guaranteed to wholesalers, middlemen, retailers, and purchasers because blockchains are irrevocable and tamper-proof.

Ripe also offers end-users a lot of benefits. On-demand retrieval of a crop’s attributes is also possible when using data on the blockchain For example, at a store, one can effortlessly evaluate everything from the location of the farm to the age of the product.

The farming startup will partner with the salad franchise Sweetgreen Inc. to put the pilot program to the test.

Emerging Sectors

Farming is just another in the long list of industries that businesses are attempting to combine with blockchain and IoT. Companies that handle large swathes of data, predominantly those dealing with logistics, see great potential in these technologies.

In the past couple of months, companies have seen their stock prices rise by merely adding the word blockchain to their names. The act of rising share prices as a consequence of adding certain words to company names is not exactly new. Plenty of companies saw similar successes in the early 2000s when the Dotcom Bubble was at its apex. At this time, it is evident that investor confidence and market momentum supports blockchain’s foray into the world.

It is clear that blockchain technology is not reserved for the world of finance and banking anymore, despite beginning with those affiliations. At this rate, 2017 will be known for Bitcoin’s bull run and also blockchain’s. This fact will prove to be increasingly apparent as it continues to disrupt several traditional industries.

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