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Florida Bill Looks to Blockchain Technology for Record Keeping and Driving Permits

Florida Bill Looks to Blockchain Technology for Record Keeping and Driving Permits

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on January 24, 2018 Blockchain, News, Regulation
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A bill introduced in the Florida council outlines the state’s intentions to design a computerized driver’s permit program and considering new uses of blockchain innovation by its organizations.

Drivers License Project and Protecting Sensitive Data

The present rendition of House Bill 1357, presented by Republican Representative James Grant, would make alternative changes identified with the state’s technology procedures and powers, including a modification of how the technology office teams up with the Department of Management Services.

The legislation likewise incorporates arrangements for a discretionary “digital proofs of driver permit” project and, independently, contains a few mentions of the blockchain, the public distributed ledger technology that backs digital currencies like bitcoin. The latter innovation can be utilized for securing different types of delicate data.

The legislation would require that AST:

“maintain and publish on its website the protocols and standards necessary for a private entity to request authorized access to an application programming interface necessary for such private entity to consume a digital proof of driver license.”

An AST representative disclosed that a computerized driver’s permit project would be driven by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and bolstered by the technology office.

In the event that the bill is passed in its present state, records secured by a blockchain record would be considered by the state to be in legal standing as another electronic form or record.

The digital driver’s permit and blockchain technologies are being considered by the office as independent ideas, the representative said.

The state additionally seems to have its eye on protection as the early form of the bill likewise contains language indicating specifying the role of law enforcement in a potential digital driver’s’ permit project.

The bill would require that any digital verification of a driver’s permit be “in a format that allows law enforcement to verify the authenticity,” yet in addition noticed that “displaying a digital proof of driver license does not constitute consent for a law enforcement officer to access any other information on such [a] device.”

In the event it’s passed, the legislation would alter the part of the state’s statute that characterizes AST’s forces, obligations, and capacities. The Senate side of the bill would refresh the expressions “breach” and “incident” as they identify with IT security, clear up the incident reporting process, and erase “out of date” arrangements in existing IT processes.

The legislatures of Arkansas, Virginia, Colorado, Idaho, Maryland, Wyoming, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., are among those investigating the practicality of computerized driver’s permit technology, and Alabama started a digital ID card a year ago to file government forms. Most recently, Vermont is also looking to e-residency programs that will maximize blockchain technology’s use and hopefully attract a younger workforce to the state.

The representative said House Bill 1357, which was presented on January 8, 2018, will be combined with Senate Bill 448, introduced by Republican Senator Jeff Brandes in the current administrative session.

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