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Former Trump Cabinet Member Joins Crypto Firm

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on January 28, 2019 Altcoins, Bitcoin, Business, News
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Ryan Zinke, the former Secretary of the Interior Department will be joining ‘Artillery One’, a Cryptocurrency Investment firm, as Managing Director following his earlier resignation from the department, this according to a report from VICE News, January 25, 2019.

Bullish Behavior

Ryan Zinke is known for being the former Secretary for the Interior Department of the United States, a position he occupied until his resignation in December 2018.

He is however, stepping into a new and interesting role as the new Managing Director of Artillery One, a blockchain and cryptocurrency investment firm.

His role was just announced in Switzerland and it seems the new team is happy to have him, with Daniel Cannon, the CEO of Artillery One saying:

“Secretary Zinke is a dynamic individual who has served this country, and he deserves the attention. He’s a man to look up to. “I’m very proud that he’s part of Artillery One.”

According to the firm, Zinke was hired after meeting with the CEO on a plane, shortly after he left the Interior Department. The firm is based out of North Carolina but Zinke will be operating out of Montana and California and is due to engage in extensive travel on behalf of the firm.

While his new role is a departure from previous positions, he has embraced it enthusiastically and has even gone into detail about his plans.

“We’re going to concentrate on cybersecurity, and look for opportunities on blockchain, and also look at the regulatory structure, and look at our part to make sure that that structure doesn’t inhibit the opportunity of blockchain itself,”


”I’m going to make Artillery One great again.”


Cybersecurity is a hard-hitting topic in the blockchain community as there have been a number of hacks of major networks as well as exchanges in the last year, leading to millions of dollars in losses. As such, there is greater emphasis on the security being offered to consumers.

Zinke also touched on working towards a regulatory structure for blockchain which is also important. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are very unique concepts and governments have been trying to set up regulations that reflect its needs while ensuring uniformity in the industry. This, however, hasn’t always worked out well as can be seen with the long journey that has been embarked upon to finally get SEC approval for Cryptocurrency ETF.

Having worked in the government, Zinke should be able to offer a different perspective on these issues.

Touching on His Former Role

At the press conference, Zinke didn’t mention his former role in the Trump Administration, which was riddled with undesirable accusations. According to him, his departure was due to the toxic nature of politics.“D.C. has become a very angry, very hateful city,” Zinke told VICE News.

“The sides are divided into a red team and a blue team. As a former military commander, I’m red, white, and blue — and for me, it was time.”

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