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Freedom of the Press Foundation Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Donations


Freedom of the Press Foundation Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Donations

The Freedom of Press Foundation (FPF), an organization that protects and defends adversarial journalism, journalists, and whistleblowers is currently accepting cryptocurrency donations.


Any donations will go towards supporting projects like SecureDrop, an open-source whistleblower platform that is currently being used by over 60 different news organizations internationally.

The FPF stated:

“We are pleased to announce that press freedom supporters and cryptocurrency enthusiasts can now donate to Freedom of the Press Foundation using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Zcash!”

Other projects include a U.S. Freedom Tracker, a tracker that counts and documents all press freedom violations in the country, and Secure the News, a project that ensures that readers are not being attacked or real stories are not being switched for fake ones.

The FPF also has a separate cryptocurrency donation page which outlines the cryptocurrency addresses so users can make quick and easy donations.

Furthermore, the FPF is also open for those who wish to  “donate in a cryptocurrency not currently supported,” to please the organization directly “with the subject Cryptocurrency Donation.” The Foundation plans to add more cryptocurrency donation options soon which include support for “donating to a shielded Zcash address.”


Mainframe Donates 1,000 ETH 

Mainframe, a blockchain-based company that is building a network designed to resist censorship communication has generously gifted 1,000 ETH to the foundation. Mainframe decided to donate to the FPF because of their mutual goals to ensure that people are free from censorship, surveillance, and data manipulation.

“We admire Freedom of the Press Foundation’s passion and approach to these problems,” said Mick Hagen, the Founder of Mainframe, via a blog post. “Public advocacy becomes that much more powerful when coupled with innovation and better choices. Both organizations plan to work towards the mutually beneficial goal of tipping the scales in favor of the fight for freedom of information.”

The donation marks an important milestone for both companies. It’s the first donation from Mainframe to any organization. As for the FPF, it is the first time they’ve accepted a cryptocurrency donation.

Hagen added:

“We are committed to making the Mainframe network widely available to whistleblowers, journalists, and their sources of use to provide more private and censorship-resistant channels that they can rely on to carry out their sensitive work.”

The FPF has expressed great appreciation and sentiment for Mainframe’s donation. While the financial funds will help support the Foundation’s continuous efforts at defending press freedom, Mainframe will work together with the foundation and grant them early access to test Mainframe’s features and functions.

Mainframe will also seek feedback from the organization to see how they can improve and address issues related to privacy, censorship, and surveillance.

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