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FundCru Support Caused Based Fundraising through Blockchain

FundCru Supports Cause-based Fundraising through the Blockchain

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on December 19, 2017 ICO/IEO
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FundCru is a blockchain-powered fundraising platform, which distinguishes itself from the traditional fundraising system. The platform integrates blockchain technology to stimulate caused-based funding.

Constraints on Traditional Fundraising Platforms

Conventional fundraising platforms typically funnel fiat donations directly or through a barter system where products and services are exchanged for donations. Moreover, these platforms generate donations by partnering with businesses, individuals, groups or third-party entities which in turn help them create public awareness and even donating a portion of their sales. This concept brings attention to important causes like cancer research or disaster relief.

Outside of these more substantial mechanisms, smaller entities and individuals seeking online campaign-based fundraising platforms have fewer opportunities. And when these secondary platforms exist, though they are useful, they often have operational inefficiencies, need greater scalability, and lack personalized support. On top of that, they charge high commissions and rarely support cryptocurrencies as payment.

What Does FundCru Do?

  • FundCru is positioned to attract and retain customers via seamless, low-fee cryptocurrency payments, as well as traditional fiat fundraising methods.
  • The platform also hopes to create a collaborative community to unite fundraisers, supporters and business entities around cause. 
  • FundCru encourages direct donations from supporters to fundraisers.

Connecting Business Entities and Supporters

FundCru offers a distinct platform for merchants by which they must first apply and get their account approved. Upon approval, merchants can sell their coupons, gift cards, vouchers that can be redeemed in a physical location or online. They can also feature their products among the desired fundraising campaign which may encourage supporters to donate.

As an intermediary, supporters will contribute to fundraisers and support commercial transactions with merchants. Anyone can help the fundraising campaign either through direct donations or purchase and promotion of merchants’ commercial products.

How Does FundCru Work and How Does it Attract Supporters?

A separate link is given for each fundraising campaign which is shared across social media networks to attract new supporters. It also invites them through a shared link from merchant advertisements and an official FundCru page.

The particular portion of merchant sales allocated will contain gift cards, vouchers, and coupons that can be redeemed online or at a physical location at any time. Such gifts can also be purchased with credit and debit cards, ether or other cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, Ethereum smart contracts are used to securely store such gifts, vouchers, and coupons but funding will be allotted at the time of purchase.

Crowdsale Details

  • ICO Date: December 5, 2017, until January 18, 2018, at 23:59 UTC,
  • Token tag: FUND,
  • Payment accepted: ETH,
  • Minimum target: $1 million (If this goal is not completed, all ETH will be refunded),
  • Tokens to be sold: 50 percent (One FUND will be releasing to Fundcru every team FUND sold).

FundCru unites merchants, supporters, and fundraisers on one platform and encourages caused-based funding with an efficient and distinct payment system. It creates a network among these parties by enabling cryptocurrency payments, a unique online URL containing campaigns and by allowing merchants to issue gift cards or vouchers to stimulate a more efficient fundraising campaign.



More about the ICO:

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