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Gitcoin Funding Bounties to Foster Integration of ENS into dApps

Gitcoin Funding Bounties to Foster Integration of ENS into dApps

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on August 13, 2018 Altcoins, Blockchain, Business, Ethereum, News
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The Gitcoin team, a prominent community that promotes collaboration in open source software development by offering incentives to participating developers, is now offering bounties to dApp developers for integrating Ethereum Name Service (ENS) into their existing technological mechanism.

As per the announcement made on August 9, 2018, Gitcoin is sponsoring bounties to promote the integration of ENS into decentralized applications or dApps, which will also result in the better user experience of the application.

To be eligible for the bounty, a developer only needs to open an issue on the dApp (Eg. ENS integration) and tag either Dean Eigenmann or Nick Johnson. One of them will contact the Gitcoin team to set up the funding for bounty. Once the developer ensures ENS compatibility with the relevant dApp, the integration will then be reviewed by the Gitcoin team. After a successful review, the developer who worked on the integration will be paid a bounty.

Steps to Claim Bounty

In his announcement at Medium, Eigenmann simplified the process for claiming bounty into two steps.

The first step of the process entails making the dApp understand ENS names, and customizing it in such a manner that it accepts ENS names anywhere a server address is received in the code. A process that will make the dApp understand ENS names. Interested developers can refer to Resolving Names to get a fair idea as to how to achieve this.

In the second step, the developer must make sure that the ENS name displays wherever the dApp currently shows I.P. addresses. In case the user enters an address, or it is gathered from some other source, a developer can still view the ENS name by resorting to Reverse Resolution, which will show the “canonical” name for the relevant address. If you’re one of the developers interested in claiming the bounty, you may refer to the documents provided on Github for a comprehensive step by step guide.

About Ethereum Name Service

While we are discussing ENS, we might as well delve a bit further on the subject at hand. Ethereum Name Service, commonly known as ENS is an endeavor by the proponents of ethereum platform to make the process of accessing and reading blockchain addresses simple.

It must be stressed that although the idea seems to be budding currently, it is still a somewhat new concept and has not been adopted by a majority of the cryptocurrency wallets yet. However, it is speculated that now that integration of ENS with dApps has been incentivized, more developers will jump on the opportunity, subsequently fostering rapid support for ENS across the crypto world.

BTCManager published an exhaustive piece on ENS in December last year. Interested readers can refer to the same.

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