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Graduate Holding Cap and Certificate Wrapped in a Blockchain

Globsyn Business School Taps Blockchain Technology to Certify Graduates

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on February 13, 2019 Adoption, Blockchain, Development, News, Tech
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Globsyn Business School becomes the first college in India to introduce blockchain technology to digitize the certification process.

First in India

On February 9, 2019, Globsyn Business School (GBS) announced it was introducing blockchain technology to manage its certification process. With this move, GBS becomes the first approved B-school in India to use the innovation to simplify its certification process. This implementation is a first, as no other academic institution in the country has adopted the mechanism so far.  

Rahul Dasgupta, the Director of Globsyn Business School commented:

“Having forayed into the quest for continuous innovation in education two decades ago, it is due to its propensity for technical breakthroughs that today, Globsyn Business School stands on a strong foundation of technological platforms across its systems and processes. Following this legacy, GBS is now set to disrupt yet another age-old system of providing paper diplomas to its graduating students.”

To make blockchain certificates possible, GBS used Certy, a platform that allows educational institutes to use the blockchain technology to issue tamper-proof and instantly-verifiable certificates.

Certy is a blockchain-based service developed by one of India’s leading blockchain startups called Somish.  

Physical Certificates to Become Obsolete

The rollout of certificates will enable college students to provide digital proof of their certification to their prospective employers who can access the diploma from anywhere in the world, rendering physical certificates obsolete.

Students graduating from GBS will now have the chance to share the credential of their diplomas with potential employers or other educational institutions around the world in a click of a button.

Ish Goel, CEO of Somish, stated:  

“Students can now simply share their certificate IDs and Blockchain transaction hash with prospective employers for instant verification. This is truly ground-breaking. We are dedicated in supporting Globsyn with their Blockchain journey.”

Globsyn has always worked hard to promote and advocate technology to introduce various systems of pedagogic techniques to allow for a more convenient and successful delivery of knowledge. This is why GBS also enables the MBA aspirants to use, e-Globsyn, a web 2.0 application with cloud computing-based components and an extremely robust Learning Management System that integrates knowledge management, social networking, and active learning tools under a single login system.

Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly useful as the space hurdles past development deadlines. It is applications like Certy that make blockchain useful and accurately show its potential. Several educational institutions around the world are already using the technology, indicating a potential use case on a global scale.

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