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Greenhouse and Fish Farm Fuelled by Bitcoin Mining

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on January 9, 2018 Bitcoin, Mining, News

More than 30 PCs sit on the second floor of a previous auto museum west of Winnipeg, discreetly attempting to mine bitcoin.

The warmth produced by those PCs, which are confirming bitcoin exchanges by tackling cryptographic riddles, warms adjacent plants in a nursery.

To water the plate loaded with lettuce, basil and grew grain feed, Bruce Hardy, the proprietor of this 20,000-square-foot working in the Rural Municipality of St. Francois Xavier, clicks a button.

A pump waters the plants with runoff water from tanks situated on the floor where close to 800 Arctic Char live and reproduce. The water running off from the tanks contains a large amount of nitrates, an awesome fertilizer for the plants upstairs.

It’s a complex operation, but that’s the beauty of it, according to the owner.

“It’s all connected, much like Earth,” said Hardy, president of Myera Group.

‘A popular move’

His organization will probably utilize innovation to make manageable self-sustaining  systems.

Hardy runs a company making software and has been doing mining for bitcoin for quite a while. He used to pay for AC to chill the PCs, yet immediately acknowledged there was a superior use for the warmth.

​”When bitcoin came, they were an excellent proxy for what a server could do in terms of emulating heat, and whether we could use that heat for agricultural purposes,” he told reporters.

About a year back, he opened his operation in the old Tin Lizzie Auto Museum and the previous Gray Nuns religious circle situated on Highway 26 west of Winnipeg​.

 Dwayne Clark, the Reeve of the Rural Municipality of St. Francois Xavier, stated:

“From what we’ve seen so far, it looks like a popular move for the community. It’s already cleaned up what used to be an eyesore for a number of years.”

The organization is exploring different avenues regarding utilizing the warmth from bitcoin mining in various ways. At the present time, around one-fourth of the second floor is loaded with PCs and plants, yet Hardy would like to in the long run fill the space.

Beginning the operation would have been significantly more troublesome without the bitcoin cryptocurrency, said Hardy. The cost of a bitcoin is drifting around C$18,400 ($14,800).

“The revenue from those bitcoins has helped me to keep staff on, it’s helped me create these displays so we can show people what we’re doing in agriculture innovation,” said Hardy.

Manitoba is an Ideal Climate for Mining

Solid expectations his operation turns into a place where individuals can look into and create sustainable food-growing systems while developers work with bitcoin innovation.

Australian analysts and Chinese speculators have communicated enthusiasm for his operation, with Manitoba serving as a fantastic area of Canada for power-driven operations due to the cheap electricity, said Hardy. “Hydro is one of our best assets in the province.”

Manitoba has the lowest rates of hydroelectric power in Canada and almost the coldest temperatures of any city within North America, making it attractive to bitcoin miners.

“If we can take our energy and use it here in Manitoba, we value-add that energy, and we can do all sorts of great things,” Hardy said.

With Bitcoin’s relentless appetite for energy, rising price and demand, this serves as a strong incentive to find renewable sources of energy to power mining. As more and more hashing power is dedicated to the blockchain network, entrepreneurs will be encouraged to find to low-cost methods of mining bitcoin, like the mining operation near Winnipeg.

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