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Huobi Senior Director Edward Chen Talked about the way forward at UCIM at Singapore

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on January 10, 2019 Press Releases

An innovative take on the disruption of world order with blockchain technology rolled out with UCIM, the United Conference of Internet Money. The two-day blockchain and cryptocurrency event as held at Singapore on November 26 and 27, 2018, and started with an aim to revamp the adoption, investment, disruption and regulation of the global market.

The conference saw mass participation and some of the best-known stakeholders of the crypto world shared the stage to present, discuss, and develop solutions to overcome the challenges that the technology faces today. Edward Chen, the APAC Managing Director at Huobi, addressed the audience as one of the keynote speakers at the conference.

Representing the technological development that the company has assumed since its inception, Chen introduced the various products and services Huobi has created for its clients.

Huobi is the world’s leading digital assets trading platform focussed on developing products that come handy in coping with the market, like in the current bearish state. Being one of the earliest adopters of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, Huobi is often referred to as the dinosaur of the industry. Huobi’s potential end-to-end services include cryptocurrency exchanges, fiat-crypto exchanges, innovation labs, research institutions and more.

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“As a pioneer in the industry, we try in all kinds of ways to support the industry grow, especially for the difficult periods we are facing now,” Edward explained through the speech.

Edward Chan further presented the key characteristics of the new ‘Institution Accounts Service’ of Huobi, which include deep global liquidity, professional trading tools, and local market access. Huobi offices have already been set up in several parts of the world including Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Russia, U.K, U.S, Australia, Korea, and Japan.

Huobi boasts of a large network and deals with major cryptocurrencies across the world. Under the Institution account service, Huobi has further devised features like regulation channels and Master Sub-account System.

Talking about the Master Sub-account System, Edward proposed, “If you are very professional for our quantitative traders, and you have different strategies, different tactics showing your trading, we can provide you our master account.”

Houbi also hosts frequent meetups and clubs for holding discussions on the existing status, prospects of the industry and more. With a portrayal of diverse products including custody services, spot trading, futures options, OTC trading, and performance auditing, Huobi is definitely an all-rounder in the blockchain-crypto industry.



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