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Azultec | AZU

We want to offer you the easiest way to earn cryptocurrencies. In order to do that, we created the azultec Cube, a state-of-the-art mining computer. With the Cube, you can earn cryptocurrencies through mining, by being part of our decentralized cloud storage solution and by joining our cloud computing network. The best part: the Cube uses renewable energy and recuperates the generated heat – making the Cube environmental-friendly.

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# ICO Review

ICO Overview:

  • Symbol: AZU
  • Sale opening date: 5 Mar 2019
  • Sale closing date: 20 Oct 2019
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • ICO Token Price: 1 AZU = 0.024 USD



Nathanael Draht - Founder & CEO

Andreas Rudnicki - Founder & CEO

Aaron Licht - Founder & CTO

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