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Influencer Marketing in the Cryptocurrency Age

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on June 15, 2018 Blockchain, Business, News, Tech

The burgeoning cryptocurrency and blockchain industry is opening up lucrative job opportunities for enthusiasts.

Macro-Economic Benefits

According to Wired, opportunities for cryptocurrency influencers are growing as “easy money for cryptocurrency projects evaporates.” As Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and cryptocurrency firms need innovative and creative marketing mediums to reach potential investors, they are turning towards influencers, growth hackers, PR Agencies, and Telegram managers.

As stated, it only takes a few months for someone to become a fan-favourite altcoin influencer who can make a successful living on YouTube.

Crypto-Influencer Shares Job Experience

Sally, an executive assistant living in British Columbia initially spent her time researching altcoins and shared a 34-page beginner’s guide to investing altcoin online. She was surprised to see it gain significant traction.

“My goal was just to get some basic info out of people that I wish I would have had when I started,” said Sally.

She created a Twitter account to promote her guide in January 2018 and posted her first YouTube Interview with the CEO of a blockchain company in March 2018. Her follower count quickly grew to 18,000 subscribers on YouTube and 14,000 on Twitter.

While these numbers are relatively small in comparison to beauty or gaming bloggers, it’s enough for Sally to make a decent living as an influencer.

She stated:

“I’m like nobody in traditional marketing terms, but because this space is so new and it’s so crazy right now, there aren’t a lot of crypto influencers yet, and especially female ones.”

Sally also mentioned as her following grew, she would receive an increase in requests often from companies offering payment to promote their ICOs or review their coins. However, she is aware that the industry may not last for a lifetime, pertaining to the regulatory pressure on the sector.

Telegram – The Cryptocurrency Influencer’s Friend

In addition to the rise of cryptocurrency influencers, much of the industry’s action is booming on Telegram, essentially making it “the heartbeat of the activity of the company,” said Michael Jones, the CEO of technology investment firm Science Inc.

Telegram, a Russian-based messaging application, has significantly gained in popularity as the hub of all cryptocurrency projects. Each digital asset almost mandatorily has a Telegram group to keep investors, potential buyers, and enthusiasts updated with the project’s developments. Additionally, there are several cryptocurrency-focussed Telegram groups to find projects, network, and even iterate ideas.

Telegram’s growth may be attributed to the end of cryptocurrency advertisements on Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Bing, making it difficult for firms to gain awareness and exposure.

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