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IOVlabs and Grupo Sabra Launch Blockchain Platform for Enterprise

Blockchain firms IOVlabs and Grupo Sabra have partnered up on a joint venture named Extrimian and launched a new platform for governments and enterprises looking to build distributed ledger applications.

Dubbed RSK Enterprise Cloud, the new platform leverages IOVlabs’ RSK smart contract infrastructure to create a cloud-based ecosystem for the public and private sector. It will allow users to build their blockchain stack within minutes, and launch their own decentralized applications (dApps).

IOVlabs and Grupo Sabra Launch Joint Venture Extrimian

The latest offering by IOV Labs extends its suite of blockchain-as-a-service applications to the cloud, which the company states will simplify the process of developing decentralized solutions. The new platform builds upon the native RSK ecosystem, and is emerging as a serious competitor to enterprise-focused blockchain services such as Hyperledger, and R3’s Corda platform.

The RSK Enterprise Cloud allows businesses to integrate their existing IT procedures with RSK’s decentralized networks. Consortium networks can be set up within the larger framework, allowing enterprises to form bespoke communications networks and marketplaces.

CEO and co-founder of IOVlabs, Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar, said the new product was ready to onboard the next wave of blockchain enterprises.

“Extrimian gives businesses exposure to the benefits of blockchain technology without the complexity. It enables them to go to market quickly with a native application while tapping into the many benefits that DLT has to offer. We look forward to working with Grupo Sabra to onboard the next wave of enterprises, while lowering the barriers to broader blockchain adoption,” said Zaldívar.

Guillermo Villanueva, CEO of Extrimian & Co-founder of Grupo Sabra, said,

“RSK Enterprise Cloud is a platform created by developers for developers that comes as a result of more than six years implementing blockchain projects within our enterprise and government customers.”

Expanding Into Argentina

Earlier this year, IOVlabs established itself as the main provider of blockchain solutions for the Argentine government’s new natural gas distribution ecosystem. Originally employed by Argentina’s largest gas company, Gasnor, IOVlabs was tapped to build a national blockchain network for all of the country’s natural gas distributors.

Named Gasnet, the national blockchain ecosystem will track and trace all transactions relating to the sale and purchase of natural gas. Argentine regulators, as well as Gasnor, are currently operating nodes on the Gasnet network, which is also being developed by Grupo Sabra.

Enterprise Blockchain is Growing

The recent flurry of activity by IOVlabs flies in the face of a recent report by German software firm, Software AG, that the potential for blockchain-based enterprises was still considerably overhyped.

The report did note that blockchain was “a wonderful example [of] how an ingenious combination of several technologies was able to create a wholly new approach to a very old problem,” but remained skeptical of blockchain firms that have launched with “almost no real productive uses cases.” IOVlabs and Grupo Sabra are bucking this trend with the launch of Extrimian, which looks capable of giving Hyperledger a run for its money when it comes plug-and-play enterprise blockchain solutions.

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