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Crypto Exchange, Triple Dice Exchange, Launches in Japan

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on June 15, 2016 News
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Triple Dice Exchange, a digital currency exchange which supports various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, StartCOIN and King Dice Coin, has launched their new platform as of May 16.

The Singapore-based digital currency exchange, led by CEO Takuya Hashiyada, offers  international users a next-generation trading platform which simplifies and optimizes the process of purchasing bitcoin and other digital currencies with cash.

In the upcoming months, users will only be able to transact through bank transfer using USD. As the platform grows, Hashiyada aims to add support for HKD (Hong Kong dollars) and JPY (Japanese yen) to specifically target users from China, Japan and Hong Kong.

In an exclusive interview, Hashiyada told BTCMANAGER, “Triple Dice Exchange is headquartered in Singapore but our customer support targets Japan, Hong Kong, and China.” He further emphasized that the startup will work closely with Japanese bitcoin users to provide a more reliable bitcoin trading platform.

Hashiyada is particularly concerned with bitcoin users that have struggled to recover their funds from now-defunct bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox. He explained that the startup will focus on eliminating the Japanese population’s negative perception of bitcoin due to faulty platforms like Mt. Gox.

Since its launch, the startup has continued to experiment with other cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets to meet the demands of its solid international user base. Triple Dice Exchange has already tested two cryptocurrencies which will be integrated in August later this year.

Throughout the year, Triple Dice Exchange will add six more cryptocurrencies, but the startup doesn’t plan to disclose them just yet. The one digital currency that the exchange is sure to integrate is Ether (ETH), due to its recent surge in demand and price.

Over the past weekend, the price of ETH reached US$18.6, recording all-time highs in price, volume and demand across many exchanges. With Ether’s total market cap near $1.5 billion USD, Triple Dice Exchange believes that adding support for Ether will help the platform gain international presence and establish its user base as a hybrid next-generation trading platform.

While the exchange has not yet added native support for its targeted populations and countries, the team hints that it may add additional purchasing methods for its supported digital currencies in the future.

Triple Dice Exchange completed its soft opening on May 14 and 15 with potential users and traders. On May 16, its grand opening day, the team saw a high-traffic launch among bitcoin users in China, Japan, and Hong Kong.

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