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Jaxx Set to Launch 1.0: Aims to Become DAO “Command Center”

Reading Time: 5 minutes by on May 27, 2016 Interviews, News, Tech
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Updated May 28, 2016, 8:36 EST

Since the its announcement at the beginning of February of 2016, Jaxx has been steadily rolling out its suite of wallet products for various devices in beta mode. The Jaxx wallet is Decentral’s robust effort at creating a one-stop digital locale with the blockchain serving as the core engine. Over the past few months, it has launched Android versions for desktop, mobile and tablet, extensions for Chrome and Firefox, and for Windows desktop.

On May 28, the much-anticipated Jaxx 1.0 iOS application launched in the Apple Store, giving Jaxx the distinction of being the 1st Bitcoin and Ethereum-centric app worldwide on that store’s platform. According to the Decentral website, it will make the 1.0 versions of other platforms available in the coming days.

Along with these new developments is a second major move scheduled to be finalized in June 2016: the integration of The DAO concept across all nine Jaxx platforms. This will represent a significant step for Jaxx into the custom tokens of Ethereum, a feature that has elicited a wealth of requests from the crypto community. As is the case with all projects ensuing from the Jaxx suite, it is design-led with user experience at the forefront. The primary intent of The DAO integration is to deliver an unparalleled set of tools for smart contract voting and token transfers that uphold Jaxx’s commitment to simplicity and ease among its community of users.

The voting tool of Jaxx’s DAO integration is particularly noteworthy. The new app will feature a user-friendly, in-depth DAO proposal viewing screen, replete with the user’s voting history. It will allow participants to view all of the DAO’s ongoing proposals and to assess the current yea/nay breakdown among those who have already voted, as well as the DAO’s total possible voting level.

There will also be a user-friendly way of selecting the amount of voting commitment they are willing to make on any given proposal.

BTCMANAGER recently caught up with Anthony Di Iorio, CEO of Decentral and co-founder of Ethereum, to get a few of his thoughts and perspectives on this rapidly changing environment of innovation.

On Jaxx and the euphoric rise of Ethereum

For me, it’s not been about the hype around Ethereum or even Bitcoin. Rather it’s about the blockchain and various types of blockchain applications that are coming out. That’s what we are looking to support here at Jaxx.

On Ethereum naysayers

There are those who have a very narrow mindset in terms of their belief in bitcoin. I don’t think that does us much good because bitcoin, in my view, is not the be all and end all. And neither is Ethereum. So I think one can really limit themselves if they try to be a maximalist in one particular type of technology and then as soon as something else better comes along, they avoid taking an interest in that.

We’re agnostic here at Decentral in that we’re here to develop products that the masses can use. For us, it’s all about delivering an amazing experience to the user, to where even your dad would be comfortable in using it.

On bringing the blockchain to the masses

That is what we are attempting to do with Jaxx. We believe we have the best user and development experience in addition to being available on nine different platforms right now. Our single code base allows us to rapid to deploy what we’re doing. All in all, we’ve set ourselves up to be the default global wallet. That’s what we are going to keep pushing towards.

On The DAO

I think The DAO is that next big evolution in technology.

We’ve already seen how bitcoin-enabled payments are going to affect credit card companies by allowing the everyday person to send value instantly, anywhere in the world for free and without third party intermediaries. That was huge. We then saw the development of Ethereum-based smart contracts which took things to that next level by creating programmable blockchains. The fact that you can code contracts that self-execute allows for a more natural, flexible, robust programmatic blockchain.

That’s what we did with Ethereum. When we were doing Ethereum, it was always our intention to turn it into a DAO. So again, in my view, it’s going to be one of the next big things. Whether or not, it will be a success is up for debate but I think it is an exciting time to test new things out like this.

DAO voting and proposals on Jaxx

Users will have full voting abilities on Jaxx. They’ll also be able to submit project proposals. So we’re setting up the infrastructure to do all of that. Here we now view ourselves as kind of a command center for everything that’s going on, whether it be sending the contracts, whether it be voting, whether it be looking through proposals. We’ve kind of set ourselves up to be in that place.

On the complexity of DAOs

DAOs are hard to understand as they have not been put into plain English very well. That’s one of the downsides of the whole DAO structure. It really wasn’t explained in the white paper in a way that everyday people can read it. So as a result, the average person finds it difficult to understand how it works. And the hope is that people aren’t just getting into it for the hype.

That’s where we sort of come with Jaxx and why it’s our plan to create the type of interface-based user experience that allows people who haven’t necessarily been around the space for long to figure out how it works, how to treat it, and how to do the voting. That’s been a major point of focus for us.

On The DAO:  Is it a “scam”?

My comeback to this is that we all have a choice as to whether to participate or not. I think The DAO a great experiment. I’m very excited for its potential. So if you are one of those people that have concerns or you’re not thinking it’s aligned with how you are wanting to participate then I suggest that you not enter into it. I definitely don’t see it as a scam. I think it’s actually an amazing test and I think that people are well aware of the risks involved in purchasing it. But again, if you do have reservations perhaps you might not want to participate in it.

On the future

We live in a world that doesn’t always work properly. As a result, we’ve relied on third-parties who are in control of our money and in control of identity. Now technologies such as the ones we have discussed here are going to enable us to take back control of our lives.

Take Jaxx for example. We have developed systems and wallets where you are always in control of the keys. And we don’t have access to your funds, only you do. Essentially you’re not relying on us for anything.

Our code is all open and visible and auditable, so you don’t have to trust us for anything. All of this allows us to reclaim control of all of our digital lives. So it’s certainly going to be a major change — we’re not going to need third-parties anymore.

Technology is going to be able to replace those trust levels that we are used to relying on other people for.

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