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July 2018 Blockchain Events and Cryptocurrency Conferences

Reading Time: 9 minutes by on July 15, 2018 Altcoins, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Business, Finance, News, Regulation, Tech
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The number of blockchain conferences around the world continues to grow. This technology is reportedly as innovative as the Internet and thus only a matter of time before it is a necessary technology to have to compete in the business world. Attend one of these conferences and gain useful knowledge about the future of the financial industry.

North America





North America

July 14 and July 21, Two Day Python Intensive and Data Science

This two-day workshop (Sat, Jul 14, and Sat, Jul 21, 2018, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EDT) will be hosted at National One Penn Plaza in New York City, New York. This Conference is packed with 16 hours of instruction plus take-home assignments to be best prepared for the second Saturday.

This workshop will go over core programming principles like variables, functions, loops, conditional statements, I/O, dynamic typing. Explanations will be given of essential blockchain concepts with demonstrations using Python concepts. As no one is perfect, there will also be time allocated to addressing error and exception management. The workshop will teach attendees how to pull data from the web, web scraping, as well as how to load data from CSVs or Excel spreadsheets.

Professor Jamiel Sheikh will be the lead instructor. Sheikh has over 15 years of experience in the fields of distributed computing, application development and complex, large-scale enterprise solutions. Sheikh currently runs one of the largest blockchain meetup groups called Blockchain NYC in New York City and in the country with over three-thousand active enthusiasts.

He is also CEO of Override Labs, an advisory and development firm that specializes in complex blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions as well as general decentralized applications and marketing. If that wasn’t enough, Sheikh runs Chainhaus, a blockchain training company.

July 18 to 20 Financial Innovation and Payments Summit

Financial Innovation and Payments Summit is sponsored and presented by Opal Group. Opal Group ensures that each conference provides opportunities for each of its delegates to create meaningful relationships with like-minded professionals. The organizers offer a one-of-a-kind networking environment that elevates the conference experience for participants, investors, and project presenters alike.

Opal Group started in a small office in Mount Kisco, New York. Their first few conferences were monumental successes and quickly propelled Opal Group as a key player in the financial industry. It was not long before the company outgrew the small office it was born in and was forced to move to New York City. After the moving to the Big Apple, the company branched out into other industries. Now, Opal Group organizes conferences in various industries including, finance, life sciences, medicare, facilities management, and athletics.

Opal Group’s Financial Innovation and Payments Summit will gather leading players and entrepreneurs that are paving the path for the future of the financial industry. This conference will be uniting executives in the payments realm, stakeholders from business end-users, financial and technology services organizations.

Attendees will have the opportunity to obtain distinguished education and experience through panel discussions and presentations featuring payment and innovation experts from all over the world. The possibilities to network with executives and senior-level payments professionals will likely be endless.

The Financial Innovation and Payments Summit in Newport RI turned out to be a fantastic event. There is much more to look forward to at the upcoming Financial Innovation and Payment Summits in New York City.


Solve Care UX Contest

You can be the change the world needs and be a significant contributor to improving healthcare. There are so many inefficiencies in the current healthcare system that impacts everyone. This contest is all about making it easier to access healthcare for all.

This contest will give competitors the opportunity to create and build an incredibly intuitive user experience, using blockchain technology for coordinating, administering, and paying for healthcare.

Solve.Care invites anyone to try and create technology that will better the experience of everyone in the healthcare industry. Compete in the Care.Card User Experience Contest and generate Care.Cards that interact within the revolutionary blockchain ecosystem of Care.Wallets.

Disrupt the healthcare system and have a chance to win 100,000 SOLVE tokens. This contest is not all about first place either, as 36,000 SOLVE will be awarded for the second place and 15,000 SOLVE for the third place winners. As Solve.Care genuinely cares about bettering the industry and appreciates everyone trying to help, all projects that pass the qualification stage will receive 1,000 SOLVE tokens each. For interested parties, entries can be submitted through July 17.


July 17 to 18 Beyond Blocks Summit

Beyond Blocks in Seoul, South Korea is a large community of like-minded individuals that engage continuously throughout the year on both online and offline platforms. The principal focus of the conference is on the advancements being made on the steadily growing blockchain industry.

Attendees will experience a line-up of presentations from some of fintech’s most well-known pioneers, sharing their insights and experiences on bleeding edge innovations in blockchain technology. Hear what experts think about the controversial subjects lingering around the crypto-space today. Experience keynote presentations, panel debates, and small group workshops from leading experts in the industry. Learn how blockchain can ultimately provide growth and advance your current business.

Beyond Blocks conferences are built to drive innovative thinkers, provide an opportunity to network with experts from around the world, and create a welcoming environment for new partnerships to be formed. With every good conference, comes a little night-life. You will not want to miss out on the Exclusive Official After-Party hosted by ICON, Hashed, and Deloitte.

With currently over two thousand attendees, fifty speakers, from thirty countries, this two-day conference will be one of Asia’s largest blockchain events of the summer.


World Blockchain Conference in Singapore is presented by GMGC and is a two-day technology conference gathering over 1,000 Industry experts, leaders, innovators and professionals.

World Blockchain Conference will educate businesses and individuals alike on how blockchain can allow them globally transact in confidence with fewer obstacles and fees. Bitcoin and Ethereum are just some of the several thousands of applications that blockchain technology can have on society today.

Attend the World Blockchain Conference in Singapore as it will be an innovative conference covering the incredibly fast growing technology and financial markets of the world. There will be plenty of networking opportunities at the official after party, coffee breaks, and a B2B exhibition area. This jammed packed conference may be the catalyst to making your business more successful.

July 19-20 World Blockchain Summit: Singapore

Another Singapore-based conference shortly after called The World Blockchain Summit tour is a sequence of elite meet-ups taking place around the world. This year’s tour includes the UAE, Kenya, Russia, Germany, Singapore, Slovenia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, and China, to name a few.

The goal of this Summit is to connect global blockchain experts, gurus, and coders in one space along with regional businesses, governments, IT leaders, investors, and blockchain developers from across the world.

At the ICO Grand Slam startups ready to launch their ICOs, or even ones still in the planning stages, will be able to pitch in front for global investors for a chance to raise up to $2 million. There will also be the startup regional cup competition. The winner of this startup competition will get a free flight to San Francisco to compete against thirty other contestant regional finalists for a chance to win $1 million at the Startup World Cup in May 2019 in San Francisco.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has commissioned $157 million over a five-year period to build a vibrant fintech ecosystem. Singapore is setting itself out to become a global fintech leader and has made blockchain technology one of the country’s top priorities.

The World Blockchain Summit provides a unique platform for blockchain startups from around the globe to present and spread awareness about their innovative technologies in front of a global audience of investors and technology players. Join these experts and learn about this evolving industry at the World Blockchain Summit: Singapore.


July 15 to 22, Pillar Unconference, Vilnius, Lithuania

This free conference is unlike any other conference on this list and is slightly different from most in-person conferences. Sunday is decompression day where attendees will gather for a networking event and Monday is the only day with a fixed schedule. The discussion will begin at 8:30 AM (UTC+3) with his Business Agility workshop, followed by a briefing on how the Unconference will work.

During the other days of the conference, there will be a large board to propose sessions and use dot voting to decide the following day’s schedule. Before dinner, everyone will meet up and recap the day as well as set the agenda for the next day. The final event will be the Trakai Castle Party on the July 20.

With a historical setting, live music, great dining, eccentric entertainment, interesting people, surprises, and a hell of a bang to close the week, the Pillar Unconference will undoubtedly be one-of-a-kind.

July 15 to 17, CoinAgenda Europe

CoinAgenda Europe focuses on international blockchain investing trends. The CoinAgenda conference tour has already passed through Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Singapore, and is now coming to Malta. The conference will bring together world class speakers from around the globe and will have a particular focus on European blockchain companies and investors.

CoinAgenda Europe will feature three days of expert presentations and panel discussions from the industry’s leading entrepreneurs, along with networking events at exclusive venues. Conference sessions topics will explore jurisdictions in Europe, the continent’s regulatory and legal landscape, digital asset investing in global markets, and much more.

CoinAgenda has been the leading investor conference in the blockchain sector since 2014. The 2018 CoinAgenda calendar is a series of five events (including startup/ICO competitions). On July 17, CoinAgenda’s 10th ICO competition will take place.

The competition will feature up to thirty companies. Past ICO Competition winners include Aeternity, Bancor, Cashbet, Omega One, SALT Lending, and Qtum, which have collectively raised more than $500 million with a combined market cap of $10 billion. Each ICO will be given five minutes to pitch their offering to the judges and the audience. Prizes will be awarded to the top five ICOs, and the winners will be awarded a complimentary exhibit at a future CoinAgenda event, and tickets to partner conferences in the future.

The host hotel is the iconic five-star Westin Dragonara, in the heart of downtown St. Julian’s and right on the edge of the Mediterranean. This is not the most extensive event either; with over thirty exhibitors, more than forty speakers, twenty-four startups pitching gives the more than 200 attendees ample opportunity to meet face-to-face with experts throughout the industry without the hectic environments provided by the larger conferences. If you are unable to make it to Malta, the conference tour will be ending with its flagship global conference in Las Vegas on October 24 to 26, 2018.

July 19 to 20 Anarachportugal Porto, Portugal

Anarachportugal is not your typical blockchain event. This conference is bringing together people with backgrounds in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, economics, governance philosophy, social sciences, machine learning, science fiction, consciousness, and biohacking Mixed in between are artists, developers, wellness experts, as well as students.

The two-day event features more than twenty speakers, interactive workshops, dozens of exhibitions, live painting, art installments, health and wellness activities, exclusive networking events, and decentralized dance parties.

This unique two-day event will have discussions groups and panel presentations. Conversations topics range from anarchy, this blockchain revolution, the future of cryptocurrency, borderless citizenry, and micro-nation development. This event will not be similar to 99 percent of blockchain conferences. There will not only be activities that are within the blockchain realm, but there will also be yoga, art, evening concerts, and a comedy show.

July 23, Blockchain Visionnaire Summit

Berlin’s Blockchain Visionnaire Summit (BVS) will be the content-driven conference that everyone has been looking for. The blockchain sector is currently oversaturated with conferences that provide very little information on how to build a sustainable token company. BVS is focused on providing real case studies and actionable tips you can apply after the conference. Experts in these three key sectors – technology, funding, and marketing –will share their personal experiences managing reputable token companies.

The primary focus of the conference will be how to build our decentralized future. What challenges are blockchain developers and entrepreneurs currently running into? Which platforms should you be considering when developing your product, private or public blockchain? These are the questions that BVS plans to answer.

With increasing government regulations, the conference will discuss the best tactics to fund your blockchain venture and be compliant. They will compare the VC funding model against token sales along with sharing first round expectations, raising methodologies, and budgeting.

With top-level international speakers coming from various backgrounds (developers, solution architects, media and business executives, investors, and entrepreneurs), with a vast range of experts, BVS is committed to creating a better innovative future.

Berlin is an important cryptocurrency hub with over 100 Blockchain based Startups. Don’t miss out on this conference hosted in an upcoming epicenter for blockchain technology.


July 16-17 Global Blockchain Congress

This exclusive congress in South Africa will explore the prospects of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs. There will be a main focus on how the cryptocurrency industry continues to grow globally as well as discuss the opportunities that exist in decentralizing businesses using the innovation.

One fun characteristic that differentiates this conference from others is The Global Blockchain Awards. This competition will recognize and celebrate companies and projects that have shown outstanding achievements in the adoption of blockchain technology. The awards are aimed at honoring the organizations that have demonstrated an exemplary application of the technology and are indeed setting the standard for businesses around the world.

There are not many conferences throughout the year in or near South Africa, and if you live in Africa, this is probably the most convenient conference for you to attend. While it is an attractive conference for people living in Africa, it is similarly attractive to foreign companies and investors. As there are not being many conferences nearby, this one is likely to attract many interesting investors far and wide who are wishing to jump into the Africa market.

Travel safe

Now that you’re all set for this swath of conferences, here are a few tips to keep your assets safe in general and while traveling:

Never allow your computer to save passwords automatically. Always use password protection on your computer and keep your laptop closed if you are not using it.

  • Be careful when using private keys on devices connected to the internet.
  • Use 2-factor-authentication (2FA) on all your accounts.
  • Be aware that someone may be watching/snooping your traffic/connections when you are using a public internet connection. It is critical to take extra strong precautions at all times, anywhere, in a Starbucks, in a hotel lobby, or even your hotel room.
  • Be careful of using USB sticks as they may contain viruses or malware.
  • Check that the sites you are logging into are HTTPS. In most browsers, you’ll see a lock in the top left of the URL. If your connection is secure, it will show a lock icon.

These are all valuable tips to keep in mind to keep your assets safe; they are not overprotective or unimportant.

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