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Kin Launches the Kinit in iOS App Store and Google Play

Kin Launches the Kinit in iOS App Store and Google Play

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on August 25, 2018 Altcoins, Blockchain, Development, News, Tech, wallet
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Kinit is a messaging app that allows its users to earn cryptocurrency just by using the app. It is the first app developed by KiK, a messaging service which also launched its cryptocurrency called Kin in the fall of 2017.

The messaging service is now announcing that it has launched its Kinit app on iOS App Stores making it available for all iOS users.

Kinit Launched on iOS

On August 23, 2018, Kinit launched its iOS version allowing iOS users to access all the benefits the app has to offer. The Android Kinit app was released last month and launched its Android version. Now the company is making the app available to iOS users.

Kik states that at the moment Kin is growing exponentially and is now becoming the most active cryptocurrency running on Ethereum. Kik claims that its messaging service along with its Kinit App from Android users alone accounts for roughly 8,600 active users while all of the other decentralized apps (dApps) on the Ethereum blockchain only account with 7,700 active users.

Earning Money via Kinit

Even though Apple has been enforcing its rules to everything that is cryptocurrency related, it praised and approved the Kinit app. Previously the app was only accessible to Android users, but with this new launch, the Kinit app hopes to see great affluence coming from iOS users as it becomes the first publicly available app dedicated to Kin.

Apart from that, Kinit is as of now one of the few cryptocurrency related apps made available to iOS users and will allow them to earn and spend cryptocurrencies in the app.

Aside from wallet apps (think the Coinbase app), which only facilitate buying and selling cryptocurrency via exchanges, and, which redirects you to the website to complete tasks to earn Bitcoin, there aren’t any other iOS apps that allow blockchain transactions to happen natively in-app.

Kinip offers a smooth user experience. To earn using the app, users will have several options. They will be able to complete a survey as their first earn experience. Users will also be able to complete quizzes and participate in polls which are sponsored by Red Bull and Swarovski.

There will also be several other ways for users to earn through Kinit. To spend or receive gift cards from brands and retailers like Amazon, AMC Theaters, and Google Play, users will have the Kin Marketplace. Users will be able to transfer Kinit between them.

Kin to Launch Few More Developments

The Kin Ecosystem Foundation already stated that it has 40 consumer apps for its cryptocurrency developer program.

The move marks a significant milestone in making Kin an accessible cryptocurrency. Now iOS users will be able to quickly get in touch and enjoy their first experiences with cryptocurrency.

Making Kinit available in the App Store marks gives a chance for iPhone users to earn and spend cryptocurrency without having to switch from OS. Kinip will allow many iOS users that never heard about cryptocurrencies start their learning process through the Kin ecosystem. The release will potentially bring a new batch of people to the cryptocurrency industry.

iOS users can download the app here.

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