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LA Dodgers Baseball Player Catches the Bitcoin Bug; Now Runs Hedge Fund for Athletes

LA Dodgers Baseball Player Catches the Bitcoin Bug; Now Runs Hedge Fund for Athletes

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on April 12, 2018 Bitcoin, Commentary, Entertainment, Finance, News
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The crypto fever has proved it is a respecter of no man yet again as Tyler Adkison, a Los Angeles Dodgers minor leaguer, has left the peaceful world of sports for a more adventurous and volatile world of cryptocurrencies.

From Sports to Cryptocurrency

According to The Orange County Register, the story of Adkison is unique and exciting. During 2017, the sportsman was on top of his game, fast on his way to becoming a professional baseball star. Today, he has entirely left the world of sports and has joined the crypto bandwagon and established a cryptocurrency hedge fund for athletes.

For the young man, his heart has always been in the exciting world of technology finance and investments, and he’s ready to HODL until the end as no other venture gives him as much joy and a sense of fulfillment as the nascent world of virtual currencies. He noted that, “I studied business at San Diego State and I’ve always had my eye on investing, things of that nature.”

At a time when critics are saying nothing good will come out of bitcoin and the altcoins, because they’re bubbles and Ponzi schemes, Adkison firmly believes cryptocurrencies will change the world for good.

“Technology has fascinated me as long as I could imagine. I was waiting in line for the release of the first iPad. I was in middle school. I sold candy to pay for it. I feel like cryptocurrency is the pinnacle of technological advancement,” he declared.

The Breakthrough

Adkison boasts of being the first cryptocurrency hedge fund CEO to focus solely on athletes.

When quizzed on how he got the capital to start the business, he said:

“I met a venture capitalist and explained what I do; that there’s a need for pro athletes to have that investment vehicle. What entrepreneurs do is find a need and solve it, so I started this company. That’s literally the name of the game.”

In recent times, quite a number of sports personalities and celebrities have joined the cryptocurrency movement, but Adkison may have just succeeded in writing his name on the history books as the first professional baseball player to retire at a tender age of 22 to focus more on a cryptocurrency related business.

However, the retired athlete’s Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund startup is already paying off as he already has about 30 clients, who are mostly footballers and baseball players, including the famous Boston Red Sox pitcher, Joe Kelly, who happens to be Adkison’s first client.

Crypto Forever

While some may see the millennial as crazy and gullible for throwing away his promising sports career fo something as risky and unpredictable as virtual currency, Adkinson strongly believes crypto has a lot of potentials, and it’s left for the youths to make it happen.

“This movement of cryptocurrency is a very millennial-driven movement. The developers are all millennials or younger generations. They’re all tech-savvy. The people creating and driving this space are us. The next generation filling this asset class, it’s going to be us,” he boasted.

Adkinson couldn’t have been more correct. Millenials and the youth are pioneering the crypto revolution. From Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum to Changpeng Zhao, the billionaire CEO of Binance exchange, young people are at the forefront of the cryptocurrency movement. For them, it us less about the price of bitcoin but more about the freedom and liberty that comes with digital assets.

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