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Lightning Network-Powered Pokemon Game Displays Ease of Processing Bitcoin Payments

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on June 21, 2018 Bitcoin, Blockchain, News, Tech
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A blockchain developer has created a Pokemon-themed game running on the Lighting Network (LN) to prove its technical capability.

Move over Kitties

As per a TNW report on June 19, 2018, software engineer, João Almeida has created Poketoshi, a Lightning Network-based game merging Nintendo’s classic game with blockchain technology.

While blockchains are touted as a disruptive advancement to take the world by storm, the real-world applications have thus far been sporadically observed. But, the gaming industry is experimenting with the decentralized ledger network, as it usually does with newer technologies.

All commands cost ten Satoshis, the lowest denomination of bitcoin, which are processed via the LN. Furthermore, the application uses the Lightning-enabled OpenNode, a bitcoin payment processor, to process payments.

Notably, the LN does not result in a significantly better user-experience or provide an edge over traditional gaming software. However, the game is devised by Almeida to show the network’s capabilities to naysayers, in addition to Lighting’s fast payment processing.

Community Takes Dig

The LN is rivaled by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, which promise similar results, and the cryptocurrency community is divided over their benefits. Poketoshi users, in this instance, took digs at the Bitcoin hard fork on Twitter:

The game is yet another real-world test for the LN. In May 2018, the network was used to process payments on a fully-functional candy dispenser, christened “sweetbit.” To operate, the machine tracks incoming bitcoin transactions and dispenses an equivalent amount of candies. Creator David Knezić stated the dispenser was an effort to display the ease of integrating bitcoin payments into everyday appliances.

In June 2018, an anonymous developer built the Satoshi’s Place, as advertisement board described as “innovative, dirty, and wacky” and utilizing the LN for its upkeep.

For the uninitiated, the LN is a second layer protocol mainly used by Bitcoin which helps make exchanging value more efficient via off-chain channels between two or more parties. The technology is still in late stages of testing, but results are highly promising. In April 2018, the network processed over $150,000 worth of cryptocurrency without any stoppages.

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