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LightningHood Website Features Promising Projects and Resources for Lightning Network


LightningHood Website Features Promising Projects and Resources for Lightning Network

Bitcoin and Lightning Network enthusiasts recently launched a website dedicated to featuring projects supporting the speedy second layer solution. According to the LightningHood’s Medium blog post, published on December 2, 2018, LightningHood is keen to help the growing community by providing everyone in the ecosystem access to resources such as developers, Lapps, and nodes, and recognize the people working to support the ecosystem.

Extensive List of Resources Covering the Lightning Network

According to LightningHood’s website, there is an extensive list of resources covering a variety of topics concerning Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. These resources are nicely categorized for a diverse crowd, ranging from newcomers who want to get started with Bitcoin or Lightning, to others who are looking to run a node, find an appropriate community, explore-related games, shop with Lightning or Bitcoin, and even be involved in existing community projects.

While there are many resources for Bitcoin available on the internet, they are generally poorly categorized and curated. LightningHood does a great job of finding quality resources organized for experts and beginners. Furthermore, the curation of Lightning Resources is extremely useful especially since the payment protocol layer is relatively new.

The list of resources is an initiative from Bitcoin and Lightning Network enthusiasts, including AutumnGlitter68e, Beezy, and CurlyDream60e who are responsible for the site as seen on the About Us page. The list of resources will continuously be updated as new developments emerge.


Lightning Spotlight for December 2018

Every month, LightningHood will also feature new and emerging projects. For their first spotlight for December 2018, LightningHood has highlighted Pierre Rochard’s Lightning Power Node and Will O’Beirne’s project called Joule.

Until recently, installing and setting up a Lightning client required a certain level of expertise. The Lightning client requires coding knowledge and technical understanding, something that is reserved for developers or tech-savvy people. Pierre Rochard’s new point-and-click Lightning Power Node Launcher, however, simplifies this process significantly and also provides an approachable and easy to use user interface.

Joule, the second featured project, allows the community to bring the power of lightning to the web. They’ve simplified the process with a payment and identity system that occurs within the browser. Users can also view past payments, deposits, or even monitor pending invoices. Best of all, Joule is entirely open source so anyone can audit or extend the software.

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