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Lisk Propels Forward: Feature Interview with Co-Founder and CEO Max Kordek

Reading Time: 4 minutes by on October 17, 2016 Altcoins, Interviews, News, Tech
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Founded in early 2016, Lisk is a decentralized blockchain platform with a robust set of features. Headquartered in Berlin, Lisk uniquely allows for the deployment, distribution, and monetization of blockchain applications, each connected to their own sidechains. This ensures the scalability and security of the entire Lisk network.

It is also a cryptocurrency, replete with a token called LSK that holds some similarities to Nxt. It is actively traded on global exchanges, has a steady volume flow and is currently valued at over $25 million. At the time of writing, LSK currently sits in 15th place on CoinCap’s most valued digital currencies.

Lisk completed an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in May and attracted over $8 million; their ICO was the second most successful cryptocurrency crowdfund to date, and within the top 20 largest crowdfunds worldwide. And the supportive consumer application was just was approved by the App Store.

One of Lisk’s most defining features is its blockchain application and service framework. These two elements are woven together, functioning collaboratively in order to utilize the elements they respectively offer. By way of example, a blockchain could serve as an “oracle as a service,” which then sends real-life data to various applications.

All this positions Lisk as a universal framework and catalyst for new decentralized applications for use worldwide. These applications will be scalable and independent, thanks to “sidechains,” and will comprise a network that can evolve over time into more services and, in turn, more complex and innovative applications being developed.

The Lisk team recently released a development roadmap outlining the many milestones they hope to bring to fruition over the coming months. One recent achievement is the Lisk App SDK, which allows any JavaScript developer in the world to set up a sidechain and develop a decentralized application on top of it. This advancement will allow for the curation of innovative applications, with additional measures of privacy, security, and capability.

On September 21, Lisk announced the release of Lisk version 0.4.0 to the testnet at DevCon 2, the premier decentralized application conference taking place in Shanghai, China. Lisk’s main aim in this developmental phase, Inception, is to create a stable and robust platform. In recent weeks, the Lisk core team has enhanced the stability of the mainchain while improving the efficiency and reliability of block processing and peer-to-peer block synchronization. These improvements will promote community forging, ensuring greater security for the network.

As part of the stabilization for this release, the Lisk team also completed numerous API bug fixes, refactored a large amount of code, fixed a transaction malleability issue, and implemented enhanced code standards.

When finalized, Lisk 0.4.0 will be released for Mac, Linux, and FreeBSD platforms, with support for multiple CPU architectures.

In an interview with BTCManager, Co-Founder and CEO Max Kordek spoke about Lisk’s current trajectory of growth and future prospects.


Can you offer a broad overview of the genesis of Lisk?

Sure. While Lisk was founded in early 2016, the network went live in May 24. From the beginning, Oliver Beddows and I prepared the code base, designed the website, created the forum and developed the social media marketing strategy. We went public at the end of January and began preparing for the ICO, a route that we considered to be the best solution for both funding Lisk and building an early community. We also formulated rules, drafted a description on how users can invest, prepared the platform, and began looking for partners and multi-signature key holders.


What was the ICO experience like?

Once the ICO started, we went to great lengths to be as communicative, transparent, and professional as possible. We saw the first couple of hundred BTC come in on the first day and by the end of the first week we had received over 1,200 BTC. This level of success continued week after week. In our final week, we were accepted into the Microsoft Azure program. That’s when the ICO exploded, allowing us to collect nearly 10,000 BTC to bring our cumulative total to 14,000 BTC.

Frankly, I believe we started the “ICO fever” of 2016, which is just now becoming prominent. Lisk was the first large ICO of this year, and many other ICOs have taken our formula and used it to raise funds.


What sort of developmental aims, lessons, new discoveries have ensued from the Lisk 0.4.0 release?

As outlined in our development roadmap, we are currently in our “Inception” phase, where the main focus is to increase the stability and security of the main blockchain. This was our primary target for the 0.4.0 release. We have made huge efforts to overhaul the existing code base and test-suite as well complete many bug fixes and improve efficiency.


Your thoughts on Lisk’s recent (Apple) App Store approval?

I believe the future of computers is in everyone’s pocket. The smartphone is our entrance point to the digital age. Because of that, it is extremely significant that Lisk has been acknowledged by Apple as a prominent player in the blockchain industry by approving us for their App Store.

During the next phase of our development roadmap, we will provide native mobile client connectivity to the Lisk platform. This mobile application will allow anyone to access their LSK and launch Lisk blockchain applications, all with one click.


Lisk is employing “Sidechains.” Can you talk about the significance of this?

I think sidechains have a tremendous future due to their independent nature, one that allows developers to build their own blockchains and applications independent from the main blockchain. This provides developers flexibility in terms of blockchain parameters and layout and, of course, in terms of application use cases. They will be able to create applications in every industry including financial, enterprise, Internet of Things, and more. Many will involve identity or smart contract elements.


In closing, what’s your vision for Lisk over the next 12-18 months?

Our goal for the next 12-18 months is to become a prominent blockchain application platform that developers are making use of to build practical, exciting, innovative, and visually beautiful applications in a secure, robust, and non-complex way. We also want to drive our platform into the mainstream market by providing an unparalleled mobile client experience for our users. It’s with this that I believe Lisk can become one of the first cryptocurrencies to gain a high level of adoption not just among avid digital currency users, but everyday people across the world.

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