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Litecoin Kicjboxing Ring Arena Battle Men

Litecoin Officially Sponsoring GLORY Kickboxing League

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on February 28, 2019 Adoption, Altcoins, Business, Entertainment, News
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GLORY Kickboxing has entered into a partnership with the Litecoin Foundation making LTC the official cryptocurrency of the professional sports league. This according to an article published on Glory Kickboxing, February 26, 2019,

Litecoin to Jolt the Fighting Arena

Litecoin looks primed to make its debut within the squared circle after the announcement of its partnership with stand-up combat league GLORY in a bid to drive mainstream adoption of LTC.

Per sources close to the matter, customers using LTC to pay for products bought from GLORY’s online merchandise platform will enjoy exclusive access to offers, experiences, and merchandise on sale.

GLORY fans in Europe and the US who are willing to pay with LTC will have exclusive access to athlete meet-and-greets, backstage arena tours, limited-edition merchandise, and premium in-ring seating, among other things. The Litecoin Foundation also stands to gain from this symbiotic relationship in that it will get massive global exposure through GLORY events, social media channels, and on-air broadcasts.

Charlie Lee, Founder of Litecoin and Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation said:

“GLORY has a growing worldwide fan base that consists in large part of a younger demographic who are early adopters of technology and conduct much of their lives online – from consuming content to purchasing products.”

He added that GLORY’s increasing popularity could greatly help the Litecoin Foundation tap into their global audience and educate them about real-world use cases of the altcoin.

Sharing Lee’s thoughts was Marshall Zelaznik, CEO of GLORY. He said:

“A partnership with Litecoin, which offers one of the fastest transaction confirmation speeds of any cryptocurrency, makes perfect sense for GLORY and our fans as we put on the fastest fight action in the combat sports world.”

Cryptocurrencies Getting on the Field

In recent times, a number of cryptocurrency projects have inked deals with famous sports clubs and organizations to raise awareness regarding their brand and utility.       

BTCManager reported on December 28, 2018, how the Litecoin Foundation partnered with UFC to sponsor a mixed martial arts event in an attempt to promote the adoption of cryptocurrency en masse.

Conversely, there have also been instances where sports organizations and teams have publicly shown intent to launch their own cryptocurrencies.

On September 12, 2018, BTCManager informed its readers how the French football club PSG partnered with a blockchain company to launch a sporty iteration of STOs called fan token offering.

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