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Local World Forwarders: The Worlds First Decentralized Logistics Platform

Local World Forwarders: The Worlds First Decentralized Logistics Platform

Reading Time: 4 minutes by on January 31, 2018 Blockchain, ICO/IEO, Tech
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Local World Forwarders (LWF) is on the verge of ameliorating the global logistics industry using blockchain technology with the first Decentralized Logistics Platform. LWF intends to build an efficient platform to disrupt the global logistics market which is expected to reach $15.5 trillion by 2023 as per Transparency Market Research.

The LWF decentralized platform will allow every individual to be a service provider or an emptor. Individuals that have signed into the portal will be rewarded for collecting or forwarding shipments.

Moreover, the platform incorporates Delegated Proof of Stake Technology (DPos). It also combines a system analogous to the Opentime Stamps Notarization.

The logistics industry has been more distinguished due to the growing e-commerce industry where shipments are to be delivered to particular addresses globally. The current market is relatively unorganized where a single package undergoes multiple jurisdictions creating chaos, as different companies handle the shipment. LWF aims to form a standardized system to make shipping more attainable and intelligible to any individual.

LWF will build a multi-service platform which is extensible, reliable and secure for the entire logistics ecosystem on the DPos-based blockchain.

The system will have information including freight forwarders, shipping status, dispute management, feedback and shipments collected in one location. Hence, the platform will make management easier while safeguarding data. It is efficient to decentralize the entire shipment lifecycle while allowing data validation by any individual.


Additionally, the LWF P2P platform allows anyone to earn money by receiving or forwarding packages. LWF platform will be guaranteed by an anti-fraud system, dispute management, and escrow. The service’s core to LWF are as follows:

P2P Freight Forwarding 

This service will permit anyone to send or receive parcels in a decentralized manner – a more secure and efficient way.

The service provides a common place for senders and forwarders, where forwarders will ensure safety and deliverance of the package. Service users can choose a time when forwarders pickup or deliver packages.

APP: Express Delivery of Packages

Service users can request same day delivery using the LWF mobile app. This service will be valid for nearby destinations. Shipments to developing countries have been troublesome using the present logistics supply chain as it has failed several times. Therefore allowing individuals from developing countries to receive and send goods easily. It also offers an opportunity for anyone to generate an active income.

LWF Blueprint

The decentralized logistics solution will reward LWF coins to employed forwarders as commission. To support the P2P services, the platform will offer go-between services apart from the direct logistics solution. The payment will include LWF coins and fiat money, and the same payment channel will also be used by services providers.

The P2P Main Net Release is slated for February 25, 2018. The LWF coin is expected to be listed on exchanges by March 25, 2018, while the LWF foundation will be launched in April 2018. The P2P and blockchain incorporation is planned on April 25, 2018. The company also has signed agreements with several logistics companies around the globe. It also plans to broaden the network of forwarders to serve on an international scale.

Whitepaper and LWF Team

The LWF whitepaper is very comprehensive and mainly presents the business model and how the system will work. It also describes the LWF coin and how it shall be used within in the platform. The primary use of the coin will be for voting and payment. It also outlines the income generation model.

Angelo Melis, the founder, and Head of Project, has more than seven years of experience in IT, a little over two years in Cryptocurrency Consultancy and almost three years in Logistics industry. Fabio Legrenzi, another LWF co-founder, is a cryptocurrency expert with half a decade y experience in OTC exchanging. Stefano Gessa, the Chief Technology Officer, has more than a decade experience in software development and IT security. LWF project partners include BitBoost, Oxycoin, and Coinbar. More information on Team Members.

Audit Report

Digrate, digital rating agency graded LWF coin B1 for it Investment Attractiveness Scale. The organization wrote:

“Existing traditional delivery systems have significant shortcomings connected to the centralized management scheme of logistics companies and failure to adapt. LWF, using the DPoS BlockChain, plans to decentralize the global logistics and make deliveries faster and cheaper.”

The Digrate report also highlighted the experienced team behind the project. The report mentioned, “the founders and the members of the LWF team definitely have the necessary experience to implement the stated project goals.”


The top five countries that are taking a keen interest in LWF are Italy, Laos, United States, Mexico, and Russia. The direct traffic accounts for 56 percent, while 34 percent comes through referrals. The top referring sources are Bitcointalk and ICO calendars. The company also receives traffic from social websites such as Youtube, Facebook, and Linkedin, which accounts for five percent of the total traffic. 0.30 percent comes from Ethereum ads, mainly Ethereum traffic.

Although the presale and Early Supporters Program are completed, desired participants can take part in the ongoing TEC sale which will end on February 23, 2018. The minimum contribution limit is set to 0.05 BTC.

LWF is soon to be listed on exchanges. Check the company’s website for more information.


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