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Love on the Blockchain? Ethereum Platform Viola.AI Is Doing It, And It’s Going To Change Everything

Love on the Blockchain? Ethereum Platform Viola.AI Is Doing It, And It’s Going To Change Everything

Reading Time: 4 minutes by on December 30, 2017 ICO/IEO
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Each day, more and more people are leveraging technology to find love and meaningful relationships. For some people, the system already works well enough. Things like Tinder and OKCupid have been hyper successful for many users. But for the vast majority of love seekers, the current system is fraught with a lot of problems and these customers are looking for something better. One of the most common scams, also known as catfishing (which means using someone else’s pictures and pretending to be them), runs rampant across dating and social network websites.

Bots, Lies, and Sensitive Information

There is currently no way, or at least no system, in which to verify identities in a secure and hack-proof way. Not only are users of the sites occasionally prone to bending the truth, or simply lying, operators of some websites have been caught intentionally deploying thousands of fake accounts powered by bots that give automated responses to simulate the presence of more potential dating partners on their platform.

Catfish, scammers, and bots aside, these sites have been the target of hacks in the past; with personal information released into the public.

Clearly, the online dating sector needs revision, and needs to have a competitor that can offer something truly unique and fundamentally disruptive. That’s where the blockchain comes in, and through this technology, Viola.AI makes its stand for the lovelorn.

Love on the Blockchain

Viola.AI is an Ethereum-powered, token-driven relationship website for those seeking love and relationships online. The platform makes use of the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts to resolve the myriad issues from which traditional dating websites suffer.

This includes dealing with scammers and catfishing, those who use inaccurate or incredibly old photos, as well as crime syndicates that come to manipulate love seekers with what is known by the FBI as romance scams, which have stolen billions of dollars each year according to recent reports.

According to the FBI, “Victims—predominantly older widowed or divorced women targeted by criminal groups usually from Nigeria—are, for the most part, computer literate and educated. But they are also emotionally vulnerable. And con artists know exactly how to exploit that vulnerability because potential victims freely post details about their lives and personalities on dating and social media sites.”

Victims of romance scams have also been a regular topic on the popular Dr. Phil show.

Your Ultimate Relationship Coach

One of the best features of Viola.AI is the artificial intelligence itself. Viola.AI will make use of data collected over all of its users anonymously in order to generate and provide unique and helpful dating advice to its users. It will also help with arranging first dates by proposing where to meet and at what time based on the users locations, schedules, and interests.

For example, the whitepaper suggests that Viola.AI could check the interests of what kind of foods both parties like, then suggest a suitable restaurant that is roughly in between where the two parties live. This takes out all the awkward guesswork of arranging a date. If the two love seekers agree to the date, then Viola.AI will put it in their calendars, and remind each of them to get ready, leave work on time, and so on.

While most dating services lose their customers upon the solidification of a long-term relationship, Viola.AI is unique in that the AI remains useful in a long-term relationship. This is because Viola.AI still has access to the secured information of both parties of a relationship. In this way, the AI can act as a relationship consultant, reminding each person about upcoming important dates like anniversaries or holidays, provide advice, and give access to the community at large for bounty advice questions.

The Viola.AI Token System

The Viola.AI network runs on Ethereum-powered ERC-20 VIOLA tokens. While the core functionality of the platform will always be free, the tokens can be used for a number of goods and services. For example the Viola.AI can recommend restaurants or flowers directly to a love seeker and allow them to pay the merchant in VIOLA tokens without needing to use a separate payment app or platform.

Secondly, users can post questions to the community about their relationships, or seeking other advice, and may optionally include a bounty of sorts in VIOLA tokens to be given to the best answer which is chosen by the person who posed the question. Users may also optionally choose to divide up their entire bounty across multiple users automatically or by manual selection. Putting up bounties is optional, but usually results in more high quality answers.

The Team Behind Viola

Viola.AI was founded by the Lunch Actually company, which is Asia’s largest premier lunch dating company with offices across South East Asia, and primarily based in the regional business hub citystate of Singapore.

Viola.AI itself was co-founded by two visionaries, Violet Lim and Jamie Lee.

Violet Lim, CEO of Viola.AI, comes from a background steeped in experience in the dating industry and in brand building. She has made over 4000 media appearances worldwide, and will be taking on brand building for the project.

Jamie Lee, acting as Business Development Head, is a visionary thinker who is responsible for many past products. He comes from a strong background in AI and blockchain technology, as well as business acumen and battle-forged ingenuity.

The project is also supported by more than a dozen brilliant minds that represent fields as diverse as business development, venture capitalism, blockchain development, and AI.

The Viola ICO, Coming this March

VIOLA tokens will go on sale March 14, 2018 and last for 30 days. The project has a minimum soft cap of $5 million dollars, and a hard cap of $17 million.

Target prices for tokens will be approximately $0.20 each, or about $1 for five VIOLA.

The system has a maximum token supply of 250 million, with a decreasing supply due to a small amount being burned in each transaction.

50 percent of the token supply will be available for the crowd sale, and bitcoin and ether will be accepted.

The token sale will have a sliding bonus scale from 30 percent to eight percent for early investors.

The Pre-sale will involved a bonus of 70 percent bonus until December 31 (11:59PM SG time).

Summing up Viola.AI

While many dating sites have come and go on in the intervening years, Viola.AI represents something that is completely unique and unlike anything else. It’s ability to verify identifications, act in a trustless environment, and facilitate payments and awards is something that could be truly revolutionary.

Many experts have referred to the blockchain revolution as “web 3.0” and Viola.AI may represent one of the earliest examples of a true mass market application for blockchain technology that could bring millions of users into the fold.

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