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Madeline Eden Determined To Revolutionize The US Electoral System Via Blockchain Technology

Madeline Eden Determined To Revolutionize The US Electoral System Via Blockchain Technology

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on January 15, 2018 Blockchain, Commentary, News, Regulation, Tech
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One of the many uses of Blockchain technology is in the area of record keeping and secure data storage. Madeline Eden, a Bitcoin advocate, Blockchain developer and politician currently running for Congress, is looking to clean up the United States electoral systems through the distributed ledger technology.

The Need For Blockchain

Madeline Eden, a seasoned developer, and politician, has a strong desire to use her coding skills to restore confidence in American democracy. Eden has developed a Blockchain-based system for voting, and she’s determined to use this platform to sanitize the electoral ecosystem by making the votes of US citizens count and entirely eradicate election malpractices.

In addition to creating a distributed ledger-based voting platform, the versatile politician has also developed a Blockchain technology-based platform for election campaign finance to eradicate misappropriation of funds meant for election campaigns. Eden iterated that:

“By using a Blockchain-based accounting system, political contributions can be tracked openly and transparently.”

It’s Time for Friendly and Smart Cryptocurrency Policies

The Texan Democrat, being a long time cryptocurrency advocate, thoroughly understands and appreciates the value of digital assets like bitcoin and Ethereum in the twenty-first century. More so, Eden understands the workings of Blockchain technology like the palm of her hand and is not oblivious to its risks and importance in the modern political discourse.

Eden’s technological know-how is invaluable in the political arena, and it is essential to the formulation of policies because very few lawmakers understand the real risks and advantages of the distributed ledger technology.

With Eden comfortably seated in Congress, she will no doubt push for integration of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies balanced with reasonable approaches that safeguard the masses.

Madeline Eden says there are electronic threats to the US economy and national security hence there is need to tackle the menace without further delays. She opined that while many in the US Congress are aware of these threats, only a few have the necessary skills to identify the loopholes and secure the nation’s infrastructure. In her words:

“Our current congressional representation lacks a fundamental understanding of modern technology, and more importantly the dangers it presents to the core fabric of our society. Their ignorance has broken our country, diminished our electoral process, and ultimately left us more vulnerable than we’ve ever been at any other time in our history.”

Eden is disheartened with the irony that the American electoral data can be hacked despite America being one of the most advanced countries in the world. She said:

“We need an election system with verifiable results and accountability. It’s time for an election system that prohibits tampering with even one vote. It’s time for every vote to count. It’s time to elect Madi Eden.”

Since ages past, election malpractice has been a big problem plaguing electoral systems all over the world. These days it has become almost impossible to classify any country’s electoral process as 100 percent free and fair. With the complete adoption of Blockchain distributed ledger technology, this challenge can be thoughtfully overcome.

Learn more about the Eden Madeline Campaign here.

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