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Major Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Conferences in June 2018

Major Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Conferences in June 2018

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As the societal applications of blockchain and cryptocurrencies continuously increase across the globe, so have the number of related conferences. While there is so much information out there on the internet, these conferences give people a unique chance to learn about these blockchain products face-to-face. With over fifty conferences being held just in the month of June 2018, one may wonder which conferences are important for them to attend?

Upcoming June Conferences

The answer is not so simple as different people have different levels of experience with blockchain, occupations, cryptocurrencies and curiosities. Whether you are new to blockchain technology, a curious investor, a day-trader, or even a well-established member of the crypto-community, there are many good reasons to attend these upcoming conferences.

No matter where you are located on June 20, 2018, there is a blockchain conference near you. Many financial experts are comparing this blockchain era to the Dotcom boom in the 1990’s. The overwhelming growing number of conferences demonstrates the overwhelming importance of blockchain technology.

These conferences give attendees a chance to meet face-to-face with the different members of the crypto-community. There are often panelists, coin founders, developers, and other blockchain senior company management discussing the different societal applications of blockchain technology.

They frequent Expo-halls with tables and booths where companies will be discussing their products and services.  With most interactions in the crypto-community happening over the internet or behind a computer screen, these conferences are truly important to establish one’s self in the crypto-community as well as great opportunity for face-to-face networking.

Similar to how the internet has open the doors to a world of opportunities people never imagined, blockchain technology is about to do the same.

As there are conferences in Zug, Switzerland, Singapore, Tbilisi, Georgia, Auckland, New Zealand, and New York City, you can literally be anywhere around the world and be a short flight to a blockchain conference any day this week.  While there is no way to attend all the blockchain oriented conferences, here are a few big ones that are going on across the globe this week.

June 20-22, Crypto Valley Conference on Blockchain Technology, Zug, Switzerland

The crypto-friendly city of Zug in Switzerland will be hosting the Crypto Valley Conference. This unique conference will provide opportunities for businesses to showcase both their current work and their future plans before an audience of innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and the media.

With currently over 600 attendees, more than 40 expert speakers, and 25 different exhibitors, this will be a full three days of pure blockchain magic.

Currently, the keynote speakers include Stefan Thomas, CTO of Ripple, as well as financial expert Professor Dr. Emin Gun Sirer (Cornell University). The speakers that are most frequently seen at blockchain conferences are financial analysts and experts in the crypto-community; what is interesting about this conference, that sets it out from others, is that members of the Swiss government will also be speaking including, Ojhn Schneider-Ammann (Swiss federal councilor), <

Dr. Matthias Michel (department of economic affairs Zug), Odlfi Muller (Zug City Mayor), and Dr. Thomas Moser (Swiss National Bank). Between the experts in the financial/crypto community and the members of the Swiss government, attendees should have a strong understanding of how the future of finance will be changing in Switzerland using blockchain technology.

Another aspect that sets this Swiss Conference that sets it out from the rest is that, The Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) in partnership with the Crypto Valley Association (CVA) are inviting innovative blockchain startups to participate, pitch, and compete for the CVA Blockchain Awards with a total prize money of CHF 30,000 (30,500 USD).

Come watch as different startups pitch their projects with a chance to win this grand prize. While the event language is English, questions will be taken from the audience in French and German (and translated if necessary). With $30,000 on the line, this pitch competition is an event worth attending.

Similar to other conferences, there are more things to do than just attend the panel discussions, pitch stage, and expo-hall. There will be satellite events in a variety of locations in and around Zug that are hosted by CVA members to further engage the crypto-community and encourage networking.

So far there is one after party as well as an evening scenic bike ride in the beautiful mountains. By attending the Crypto Valley Conference, participants will have a chance to talk, discuss, and socialize with leaders from the blockchain industry

June 20-21, 2nd Blockchain for Finance Conference APAC, Singapore

Happening simultaneously, on the other side of the globe, is the Blockchain for Finance Conference, APAC, in Singapore. This conference intends to help the public understand how a range of financial institutions are beginning to see that distributed ledger technologies (DLT) are best fit into their expanding digital strategies.

At this conference, discussions will review the key applications that blockchain technology has in the financial industry and understand how institutions are currently positioning themselves to adapt to this new technology.

With two days of panel discussions, Blockchain for Finance Conference plans to leave no subject left untouched. The conference will start with panel discussion that will cover some of the key challenges currently facing the trade finance process and where DLTs could help overcome the obstacles that these challenges create. A later panel will address the major misconceptions with regards to using blockchain, distributed ledgers, and a step-by-step analysis of how to ensure that blockchain is truly the optimal solution for your business goals.

Panelists will discuss how to create value and incentives for their customers through trade finance applications. These discussions will also look into the latest use cases around payments/remittances and whether blockchain is currently fulfilling its promise of providing faster and lower transaction costs. The applications blockchain has on the insurance industry, digital identity, as well as the healthcare industry will also be touched upon.

Finally, panel discussions will end with discussing the implementation of regulations and how businesses will adapt. Not only does this conference have panel discussions, but there will be a pitch stage.

There will be a few companies pitching their products. Hear from the Pundi X Co-founder and CEO, Zac Cheah, and see how Pundi X plans to allow users to more easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Learn about the new Pundi X POS terminal, which is connected to the Ethereum and NEM blockchains, and its ability to allow developers from all over the globe to connect with the network of devices and physical outlets.

Pundi X plans to bring blockchain based transactions to the next billion innovators and help raise the value of cryptocurrency as a whole.

This would be a great conference to meet the Pundi X team and ask any questions you many have about the Pundi X project.  After the pitch from Pundi X, the conference will here from UTRUST. The Co-Founder of UTRUST, Filipe Castro, will help explain how UTRUST plans to be the innovative crypto-to-cash payment gateway that provides consumer protection for buyers and volatility protection for merchants.

The third and final pitch will be from Zeus Exchange. Hear from the Zeus Exchange CEO, Olga Duka, about how Zeus Exchange is building a hybrid trading platform that  will connect conventional equity exchanges and the crypto markets. This will be a great opportunity to learn how the Zeus Exchange plans to make their fintech platform secured, complaint, and transparent.  With CEOs, founders, and development teams on site, this would be a great conference to meet and speak with the teams behind UTRUST, Zeus Exhange and Pundi X.

June 21, Blockchain Summit, Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand has always held itself out to be an innovative country. The fact that New Zealand is showing a huge interest in implementing blockchain technologies should hint to the rest of the world that blockchain technology can make many businesses work more efficiently. The city of Auckland will be hosting a blockchain conference, The Blockchain Summit, 2018.

Organized by the UNICOM, Blockchain Summit will take place on the 21st of June in downtown Auckland. This Summit will bring together a largely diverse group of experts. Panels and discussions will focus on the opportunities, challenges, and exciting possibilities in innovation and disruption that can be leveraged in Auckland using blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is the intersection between the financial industry, social networking, and powerful decentralized networks.  

In order for people to be successful implementing blockchain technology into their businesses, it is crucial for stakeholders to design careful legal and business strategies around novel business models as the technology evolves rapidly in global markets.

June 19-21, Future of Fintech, New York City

If you weren’t able to attend Blockchain Week New York City this past May and Battle of the QUANTS just was not for you, the Future of Fintech will be another great chance to see New York City as well as network with top experts in the blockchain community. With so many different conference going on in New York City at the same time, there will be some many chances to run into different experts in the community.

Attendees will kick off the Future of Fintech at the Welcome Reception being held at the Central Park Zoo.  There will be more than 1000 attendees. Many of the attendees are senior management from corporations and from investment community.

What should you expect from The Future of Fintech in New York City? To start, the venue is going to be spectacular. The Future of Fintech will be held at the Jazz Lincoln Center in downtown New York City. The conference itself will be split into a few sections. The briefing room will have a limited number of seats and will take a strategic look at how different benchmark companies are turning the financial industry upside down.

There will be Main Stage Interviews where there will be one to one chats with questions and answer time that will focus solely on the topics the audience wants addressed.

This conference differentiates from the rest as there will be no panel discussions or small talk whatsoever. The point of the Main Stage Interviews will be to discuss exactly what the audience wants to learn, and nothing else.

Finally, there will be vignettes on the mainstage that will tackle some of the growingly important fintech categories, including but not limited to: lending, blockchain, and insurtech. With three days to dive into blockchain technology, Future of Fintech plans to do its best to leave every attendee further educated on blockchain with a plan on who to successfully implement blockchain technology into their own lives.


The main focus of these conferences will all be blockchain technology, however, many conferences are now taking things a step further and are having a specialized focus (healthcare, cryptocurrencies, development workshops, and hedge funds).  The vast majority of population around the world continues to be fascinated with this rapidly growing technology as more and more societal applications keep being found.

While some counties are not accepting blockchain technology with open arms, others are trying to make a name for themselves as being blockchain epicenters. Regardless of market fluctuations, it seems the blockchain technology is beginning to be deeply rooted within society as the vast range of conferences show the technology’s revolutionary ability to change so many different industries.

In just the month of June there are over fifty conferences across the globe. Attend one of these conferences and get a little first-hand experience of the technology.  Blockchain is going to be implemented across the globe and across different fields of business and the time to learn about it is now.

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