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Master Coin Point (MACPO) Enhances Global Platform Expansion Following ProBit Exchange Listing

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on June 24, 2020 Press Releases

It was announced on June 18 that Master Coin Point (MACPO) would be listed with a KRW market on ProBit Exchange, a global cryptocurrency exchange ranked top 31 on CoinMarketCap. Trading commenced on June 19, 16:00 KST along with the opening of user wallets to accommodate deposits.

MACPO is a project that provides a platform with a real use case through a variety of services with a core focus on expansion in interest revenue generation through staking, shopping, transportation, travel through M-Pay, and additional business arms. 

The M-Point payment transaction system of MACPO can be used with efficient services such as prepaid credit cards and the local KRW fiat currency. It is also registered as a fair seller partner of MS Holdings Co., Ltd., and plans to develop the foundation of payment platforms through an expanding range of strategic partnerships.

A MACPO representative stated:

Usage of the MACPO platform is expected to expand due to the continuous refinements being made through JEJU-PAY, one of Korea’s largest tourism complexes. A strategy to continuously incentivize MACPO platform users will focus on the synergistic elements provided by the MPG-CLUB system and DREAM-LINK. This approach is possible due to BTC mining operations and an increase in MACPO value through exchanges.

ProBit is growing its presence in Korea as one of the top 4 Korean exchanges and is currently ranked #31 on CoinMarketCap. It also boasts 500,000 monthly active users, over 2,500,000 monthly web visitors, and it’s PROB token ranks #1 due to a major 157% YTD increase.


MACPO is a device aimed at addressing cryptocurrency demand and conversion. The business will be developed to accommodate crypto payments for a wide variety of industries such as airlines, hotels, and various commercial platforms.


ProBit Exchange is a global Top 20 crypto exchange in real daily trading volume that has successfully completed over 200 rounds of IEO. ProBit Exchange also features over 500 trading pairs – one of the highest in the market.

ProBit Exchange Key Figures

100,000+ community members

500,000+ monthly active users

2,500,000 monthly web visitors

40,000,000 users on partnering aggregators and wallets such as CoinMarketCap

Global outreach in 8 key languages & markets provided

Multilingual website supporting 25 different languages

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