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Token Curated Register Messari Hopes to Normalize the ICO Space

Messari Launches Disclosure Registry To Boost Transparency in the Community

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on November 28, 2018 Bitcoin, Business, Ethereum, Finance, News, Platform, Tech
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Messari, a startup that provides markets data, curated insights, and research tools for cryptocurrency investors has launched a disclosure registry for projects to upload information concerning their cryptoassets. According to the press release published on November 27, 2018, the disclosure registry’s goal is to make it simple and easy for anyone in the cryptocurrency industry to learn more about the projects.

Driving Common Standards to Protect Investors

Messari’s disclosure registry is a platform where token projects can communicate with their external stakeholders and existing communities in a single standardized way. Here, any participating project can voluntarily upload information concerning their token design, supply details, technology audits, official communication channels, relevant team members, investors, and advisors.

The information and profiles of these cryptocurrency projects can be freely accessed across the industry, providing a transparent, reliable and standardized resource, which is currently not available today. The standardized registry and platform can help with due diligence processes for many cryptocurrency providers such as digital exchanges, wallets, investors, and regulators.   

Launching Off With 12 Cryptocurrency Startups

The Disclosure Registry platform launched off with 12 initial cryptocurrency startups which include Aion, Civic, Decent, District0x, Blockstack, Mainframe, Melonport, Metronome, Tierion, IDEX, Zilliqa, and Ocean Protocol.

“We are thrilled to have such a dynamic, global group of projects joining our disclosures registry,” said Ryan Selkis, Messari’s CEO. “These teams understand the importance of transparency to their specific communities as well as to the broader global cryptoasset ecosystem.”

Selkis added that transparency is critical for the development and growth of the cryptocurrency industry since it’s essential for users to feel as if they’re participating in a fair, efficient, and safe market. Furthermore, it’s crucial that vital information be freely accessible and distributed to all everyone in the market instead of a centralized single data provider hidden behind a paywall.

Messari’s Ultimate Goal is To Decentralize the Platform

In regards to validation, at launch, Messari will be the sole validator of the project data. However, Messari is inviting third-parties to join the company and is accepting a small number of early invitations for people keen to help validate. The ultimate goal is to, however, decentralize the platform. Instead of having key validators, community votes can help determine whether a project is added to the registry.

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