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Multibot ICO Makes Crypto Trading Easier with Automated Platform

Multibot ICO Makes Crypto Trading Easier with Automated Platform

Reading Time: 3 minutes by on November 28, 2017 ICO/IEO

The Multibot platform hopes to harness the volatility of the cryptocurrency market in order to turn a profit for the layman investor. Through continuous monitoring of the most trading platforms and 24/7 cloud-based automation, the platform accumulates a myriad of tools and resources for users. The beta platform will be released in December following the end of the ICO, and a trade bot will be introduced in January 2018.

Capitalizing on Volatile Markets

As people become more aware of the sharp highs and steep falls in many cryptocurrencies, it’s also becoming more important to be extremely attentive to the market. This attentiveness comes from the massive changes in the market that can happen within hours. As an example, the bitcoin rate changed at an average of four percent per day during August 2017. Some days, there were changes of up to ten percent.

In many cases, users are dealt only a handful of tools to manage their portfolios on different cryptocurrency exchanges. Naturally, this limits the possibilities for maximizing profits from even the slightest change in price, let alone the massive highs and lows cryptocurrencies are so well known for.

Different exchanges also means you have to use different development platforms. Switching between platforms throughout the day can incur costs and makes users more likely to incur technical difficulties along the way.

Simple Interface & 24/7 Notifications

The Multibot platform will operate as an entirely autonomous robot capable of synthesizing data from a number of different crypto exchanges. Users will be able to customize the interface to focus on specific features like the dynamics of the exchange rate, tracking trading volume, capitalizing on currencies, and compile summaries of selected currencies.

The parameters for trading currencies can either be manually adjusted or by the Multibot platform. There are also several types of notification methods that will signal users the best moment to buy and sell certain currencies.

The notification features will include push notifications, email, phone, SMS, and mobile messengers. This entire process will be handled by Multibot’s news and information department.

One Window Interface

The primary method that Multibot will achieve the solutions mentioned previously comes in the form of a smooth interface. The “One Window” feature will simplify the divergence of exchanges, slow transactions, significantly different interface exchanges into one closed display. Through this, users will be able to trade the desired tokens quickly.

This feature will also include information on token rate, a user’s balance, and allow users to adjust notification preferences all in one window.

The entire platform will also be built in the cloud to capitalize on any number of isolated trade arrangements via dedicated IP addresses. Cloud operations are typically more stable and provide users with 24/7 functionality for their operation.

Despite IP addresses being a principal portion of the Multibot platform, the location of equipment and specific details attached to these addresses are not published. As is mentioned in their white paper, “There is no direct access to instances in the cloud, all interaction between platform users and instances takes place only through specialized interfaces that redirect tasks to the cloud through an API of their own design.”

Purchasing Multibot Investment Tokens

The Multibot investment tokens (MBT), will be built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and will resemble ERC20 tokens. The cost of one token is equivalent to one US dollar, and the initial value of tokens is set at 25 million MBT. Unsold tokens, at the end of the ICO, will be destroyed.

A sliding scale of bonuses moves from 25 percent bonus tokens during the first two days down to five percent in the fourth week. There is also a bounty program for promoting MBT on Facebook, Twitter, forums, and the like.

For more information regarding the use of MBT, as well as the company’s roadmap, please visit Multibot’s site at or read their whitepaper.

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