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Nano Launches new Update, Goes Live on investFeed, BitGrail Lawsuit Gets Withdrawn

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on October 3, 2018 Altcoins, Development, Exchange, News, Regulation
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Nano (NANO), the coin whose aim is to become the world’s next digital currency, is celebrating the withdrawal of its Brola lawsuit by releasing a new update and going live on investFeed, the company announced in an October 1, 2018, Medium post.

Lawsuit Dismissed

Formerly called Raiblocks, Nano is known as one of the first cryptocurrencies that have provided citizens respite from the economic and political turmoil in countries such as Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

The fairly distributed, zero-fee, and environmentally friendly digital currency has had a pretty good week too, launching an important update and getting its official page on investFeed. The news about the update that aims to resolve some of the previous version’s pressing issues followed the company’s announcement that the lawsuit against its Foundation has been withdrawn.

In an October 1 Medium press release, the company announced that the plaintiff had withdrawn the legal complaint against members of the Nano Foundation due to a determination that the case lacked merit.

Silver Miller, a U.S.-based law firm, filed a class action lawsuit against Nano on behalf of investors, alleging that both Nano and key members of its core team violated federal securities laws. According to the lawsuit, Nano pushed to introduce XRB to investors through an Italian cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail, where $170 million of the investors’ XRB were reported as stolen in February 2018.

Further Developments

Looking to address syncing issues with their v16.0 that had the majority of its users reverting to the more stable v15.2, the company has finally completed the development of its newest v16.1.

The newest version of the Nano node software, released on September 29, 2018, was met with positive feedback from the community and saw the company promising to track the “Vote by Hash” feature to assure it’s proper functioning.

In its release, the company announced that the following v17 would include another feature called “Lazy Bootstrapping.” In the release, the company explained that:

“This allows accounts to chain to the Genesis block of the network with minimal ad-hoc votes, and only if a node is interested in that account in the future! Real-time voting will be entirely passive. This means that most blocks will be voted on directly exactly once, resulting in a drastic reduction in, ultimately, wasted votes.”

Nano’s release ended with another major announcement, namely the company’s listing on investFeed. investFeed is a social media platform designed for blockchain enthusiasts giving access to real-time coin data and allowing users to discover the latest blockchain projects.

The company believes that having their official page on the platform will enable them to share news and updates with more members of the community.

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