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Neuromation: Advancing Crypto Retail With Artificial Intelligence

Neuromation: Advancing Crypto Retail With Artificial Intelligence

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on November 18, 2017 Business, ICO/IEO, News

Compared to machines, humans have a limit to the accuracy and speed with which they can complete specific tasks. The emergence of both blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, now offer many different ways to augment the human experience. 

Neuromation: Generating An Ecosystem of Data

The decentralized platform, Neuromation, focuses on four major topics of the 21st century: Big data, machine learning, blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Specifically, the synthetic data platform, is exploring the ways the AI model can be integrated with blockchain technologies. The integration emphasizes features of deep learning, big data and artificial neural networks (ANN). These networks operate to avoid human bias, prevent errors and make a smarter system which can efficiently perform complicated tasks like distance estimation, accurate language translation and the like.

The creators of the project stated that, 

“In these artificial worlds, there is also an almost endless supply of beautifully classified data for learning. AI plays as in video games and learns how to perform specific tasks in the real world,” the creators of the project explain.”

Specific Applications of Neuromation

After working closely with leading brands in a variety of sectors, Neuromation has applied the myriad solutions that AI applications provide. Using these technologies companies can identify and categorize massive amounts of data (i.e. SKUs in the retail industy) and label shelf availability. 

AI applications can then identify the accuracy of layout and other metrics. Furthermore, thanks to this dynamic modeling platform, the data sets mimic human interaction with the shelf  during its creation. ANN technology helps systems and firms to maintain a better relationship with customers. This is because AI employs behavioral education which enables it to respond to user’s query in little time.

The Neuromation was also created to connect multiple parties (i.e., suppliers and clients) by removing the barriers to research and design by implementing AI models. By bringing together different agents, the platform aims to create a complete eco-system that enables data sets trading, labeling services, machine learning modules, and distributed computing services.

Token Sale and Distribution

Neuromation’s internal token, the Neurotoken (NTK), was released on October 25. These tokens act as the means of payment and provide full access to the platform. Users can generate artificial data for them; carry out the distributed model training, data marking and other services in the AI sphere. Miners, who provide significant computing power of their computers to solve comprehensive problems, are also rewarded with these tokens.

The token sale has already been released, but the public sale is set to launch on November 28 and will end on January 1, 2018. Out of 100,000,000 tokens, 60,000,000 NTK are reserved for distribution at a price of $0.001ETH for each token.

It has also registered a portion of tokens for the team (12 percent), liquidity reserves (10 percent), for partners (12 percent), platform development (40 percent), funding for computing power (40 percent) and 10 percent for public relations and marketing.

For more information on Neuromation’s ICO, please visit their website at

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