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New Web Extension Allows Users to Tip on Twitter With Bitcoin

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on February 20, 2019 Adoption, Bitcoin, Business, News
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Tippin, a Lightning Network (LN) platform, launched a Chrome extension that enables Google browser users to send Bitcoin payments on Twitter, EJ Insight reported on February 19, 2019.

Lightning Twitter Tips

Despite the incredibly cold crypto winter that has only recently started to slow down, the push for mainstream crypto adoption is also experiencing some difficulty. Social media platforms, with a large user base are seen as an attractive area for the crypto industry to expand its presence, EJ Insight noted, which brings us to this latest crypto-promotion effort.

A relatively young app decided to tap into the deep pool of social media users by combining the power of the Lightning Network and the extensive reach of Twitter. Tippin, a Lightning Network platform, has released a Chrome Extension which allows Twitter users to express their appreciation with small Bitcoin tips.

The platform announced the news in a February 16 tweet, saying that it plans on making Bitcoin transactions achievable at a large scale and boost growth. The company believes that micropayments could be the thing that brings mainstream adoption to Bitcoin.

Tippin’s main selling point is its efficiency – all users need to do to use the feature is to install the Tippin extension on Google Chrome and have a Twitter account. When the extension is enabled, a small lightning bolt symbol appears next to the “like” and “retweet” symbols visible in every tweet.

Low-Cost, High User-base

Sergio Abril, one of the chief engineers at Tippin, said that this was the first time a company is able to send small amounts of cryptocurrency at almost no cost while keeping the transactions extremely fast. Abril strongly believes that the Lightning Network will make tipping on social media “incredibly popular.”

The development team at Tippin wants to expand the app by adding support for other social media platforms in the future, he added but didn’t say which platform could be next or when those features would go live.

Despite being the largest and most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin still has a long way to go before reaching mainstream adoption. The long transaction confirmation time of the payment network was seen as one of the major obstacles of the application of Bitcoin as a payment method for regular consumers, EJ Insight reported.

The Lightning Network was created to tackle those issues, but its possible uses spread way further than just enabling faster transaction times.

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