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The Next Generation of Blockchain-powered Gaming Comes With Unicorns

The Next Generation of Blockchain-powered Gaming Comes With Unicorns

Reading Time: 4 minutes by on March 4, 2018 Blockchain, Entertainment, Ethereum
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What if you could have your own unicorn? What if you could not only have unicorns but raise and breed them? Then, what if you could buy, sell, and trade them in exchange for cryptocurrency through the Ethereum network? That is the question posed by the unique new blockchain powered game that will be launching soon called UnicornGo.

The project aims to create an addictive, innovative, and fun game that is designed to make Ethereum and blockchain gaming accessible to everyone. Read on as we go over some of the details of this unique project, and what they aim to do.

Move Over CryptoKitties

During late 2017, CryptoKitties took the internet by storm with its cute trading cat game. While it certainly caught the hearts of many, the software was not without its faults. Some of those faults even led to a widespread slowdown of the entire Ethereum network.

Following the rapid rise in adoption was an equally rapid decline in interest. While CryptoKitties was innovative for its time, it lacked substance, and the market became flooded due to what boils down to essentially unlimited resources.

UnicornGo, an upcoming blockchain-powered game plans to fix all of that while adding some much-needed depth and intrigue to the concept. One of the main design elements of the game is that its critical resource, which is an ERC-20 token, is limited. Therefore, the market conditions that the game will operate under should be much more stable and possibly even profitable.

UnicornGo: The Basics

UnicornGo is an augmented reality game that focuses on raising, breeding, and trading totally unique unicorn characters. Each unicorn has its own specific traits and attributes that can be passed down and modified through various breeding generations.

In addition to its digital genetic traits, each unicorn also can develop and build its own market value through its online popularity. The more popular an individual unicorn becomes (such as through acquiring likes, follows, and so on) the higher its score will be. A higher score could potentially lead to a higher trading value. It’s even conceivable that unicorn celebrities of a sort could exist much. This might be much in the same way that famous racehorses can be highly valued for their ability to produce high-quality offspring, or that have a pedigree of famous lineage.

In the game, players start by buying one unicorn. Players can then choose to develop its traits and characteristics through training and the careful usage of the games native ERC-20 currency.

While the game is yet to launch, the project has already attracted a very active following. The official telegram channel has more than 25,000 members, and the Twitter feed has just over 1,600 followers.

Candies, or Candy Coin

The native currency of the game, known as Candies or Candy Coins, is what’s used to purchase new unicorns and to use in the development of a Unicorn a player already owns.

UnicornGo is currently running a presale with a discount on the token price. At this stage Candy Coins are sold at 0.00175 ETH each. Unlike many other projects, Unicorn Go PTE Ltd has chosen to forgo an initial coin offering.

In total, there will be a maximum supply of 12 million Candy Coin tokens. This amount is much lower than many other cryptocurrency projects and was intentionally designed to be a scarce resource. According to the official Medium blog for the project, it will likely cost 100 Candy Coins to secure a unicorn at launch.

The Team Behind UnicornGo

UnicornGo is supported by an extensive team that is highly experienced in the field of software development and game design. The majority of the team comes from, or are based in Russia or other Russian speaking regions such as Belarus.

The team is led by co-creators Viacheslav Poskonin, Vitaliy Kobranov, and Vadim Alexeev. The three are graduates from different technical colleges in Eastern Europe, and all come with a strong background in software development and other technical skills.

As the team is from a non-English-speaking area, some of their marketing materials can be a little rough. Their ideas, however, are easy enough to follow though. So with a little patience, it’s not too difficult to read through their materials and understand what they are trying to do. For those interested in the project, a quick review of their website and white paper would certainly be useful.

A Blockchain Gaming Future?

UnicornGo is not the first game to make use of a blockchain or cryptocurrencies. It is, however, one of the more interesting examples of how the technology can be deployed to create a decentralized and flexible marketplace for digital goods.

As the development of tools like Meta Mask allows for more browser-based Ethereum integration, we are likely to see more examples of this type appear in the coming years. UnicornGo may be in a unique position since it is one of the earliest examples of this type of game.

While the game will first launch on browsers and be powered by MetaMask, the developers intend to port the game to mobile devices to meet their augmented reality aspirations as soon as possible. This development may take some time though, as the infrastructure may not be ready for immediately after the initial launch.

Regardless, UnicornGo is likely to have a strong following on launch as it is already attracted quite a devoted fan base across the world.


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