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NVB ICO: Creating the Future of Native Video Advertising

NVB ICO: Creating the Future of Native Video Advertising

Reading Time: 3 minutes by on November 27, 2017 ICO/IEO

In the era of digital advertising, NVB (Native Video Box) is influencing the wide-ranging audience beyond YouTube and other video hosting websites with the new approach to native advertising. The NVB network is addressing content creators, website owners, and advertisers; which means it delivers video content to website owners where advertisers get the valuable source.

Why has NVB Emerged?

Given the fact that the digital advertising media and AdTech firms are evolving rapidly, a little advancement in this industry will drive it a step forward. However, the trend that content generators are turning to the native advertising is growing, but they’re probing out a platform where they can explore this talent. Being so skilled, the advertisers are facing the difficulty in presenting some interesting facts to the audience. And here comes native advertisement. NVB is advancing the native advertising industry by revolutionizing cryptocurrency over its every aspect.

NVB comes with ultimate solutions

NVB presents the final solution by delivering content to websites and ensuring websites show it precisely on their site. Beside this, NVB network certifies that advertisers have significant materials to use. Eventually, the process provides noteworthy free promotion to video content creators, an excellent reference to website owners and organized video inventory to advertisers.

The platform is advancing native advertising with the growth of the cryptocurrency market. Accordingly, NVB is announcing its Pre-ICO token sale to gather around the projected funds from the prospective investors.

About NVB and the Token Sale

The NVB network was launched in 2016 in Russia as the “cutting-edge native video platform.” The Ethereum-based tokens are designed to support video content creator and delivering the same for inlined networks (including advertisers and website owners)

It is true that Content is King and NVB are investing its effort and time to alleviate everyone on the system; including Video producers, advertisers, publishers and lastly to the users.  

The company has announced its Crowdsale:

Pre-ICO sale: December 1, to December 5, 2017,

ICO Crowdsale: December 16, 2017, to February 1, 2018,

Currency accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, ZEC, ETC, and USD.

Crowdsale Hard cap: $15 million,

Token tag: NVB,

Exchange rate: $1.

Token price and minimum supply

From December 1 to December 5, 2017: Minimum tokens purchase is $5000

From December 6 to December 15, 2017: Minimum token purchase is $1000

Below are allocation of tokens NVB is offering

Total token supply — 20 million NVB;

Project team — eight percent of all sold NVB tokens;

Advisors — four percent of all sold NVB tokens;

Bounty — three percent of all sold NVB tokens;

Referral program — five percent of all sold NVB tokens;

Token buyers— 80 percent of all issued NVB tokens;

The NVB has its team of four renowned advisors and ten professional members.  

The Process

Usually, a video will have 15 seconds of advertisement, and when a user spends his 15 seconds on Ad before video starts then, the system algorithm will analyze and gather significant data such as the type of video users are interested. NVB’s solution is aimed to provide feasible tracking and native ad procedure to advertisers, website owners, content creator and users as well.

The platform is built with machine learning to detect accurate data and to implement this technology globally. The website users are advised to participate in its program by purchasing NVB tokens. However, the platform is straightforward, allowing advertisers to purchase NVB tokens to increase their Ad impressions.

Furthermore, the bounty program is also initiated with an allocation of three percent of all its tokens throughout its ICO process and the project has officially declared 75 percent of the Ad revenue will go to the content creators.

To find out more about the project, check out the whitepaper.

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