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Pablo Escobar’s Brother Launches a New Cryptocurrency: Diet Bitcoin

Pablo Escobar’s Brother Launches a New Cryptocurrency: Diet Bitcoin

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on March 24, 2018 Altcoins, Bitcoin, Commentary, News
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The blockchain industry is indeed something. From all the twists and turns we have seen in this new technological environment, nothing is surprising anymore. This week Roberto Escobar, brother of the most notorious drug kingpin in history, Pablo Escobar, announced the launch of his digital currency called Diet Bitcoin (DDX).

Roberto Escobar hopes to offer an improved version of bitcoin by enhancing known features like speed and capacity. Diet Bitcoin, was made from a fork of the popular cryptocurrency and had a few tweaks from developers to add improvements to the currency. According to The Next Web, a project’s representative confirmed the involvement of the notorious drug lord’s brother.

Forking the Bitcoin network has become some sort of novelty. There is an app available that lets you fork the software and quickly create a new coin out of it. So it is straightforward for anyone to create their coins and speculate.

Roberto is also running an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) where he is offering a sale with a 96 percent discount for users to buy the token. The token can now be purchased at $2, a steep discount from the initial price of $50.

What is Diet Bitcoin?

According to the Diet Bitcoin website, the total supply of the currency is one million DDX which are going to be split into three separate token sales. The first phase of the token sale will make 300,000 DDX tokens available at $50 (with the current discount the price is $2), the second phase will have another 300,000 DDX at $100, and the third and final phase will have a 400,000 amount of tokens at $1,000.


Escobar: Satoshi Nakamoto is a CIA Creation

Apart from the new cryptocurrency, Roberto Escobar also released a book entitled Pablo Escobar’s Diet Bitcoin. The book gathers a lot of information related to the development of the new project as well as the motivations driving him to go ahead with the project. Anyone interested in the book can purchase a copy from Amazon for $8, or a free version can be downloaded on the project’s official website.

This rare piece of literature is available to purchase from Amazon for $8, but you can also get a free copy from the official Diet Bitcoin site.

In this literature piece, Escobar’s brother, Roberto reveals that, unlike many people believe, bitcoin was created by the CIA and not by a crypto-anarchist called Satoshi Nakamoto. Roberto goes on saying that bitcoin is nothing more than a CIA an inside job.

Roberto states in his book:

“The world is going to see that this was created by them. And when they see it, it is too late, and when CIA founds out that the world knows about this, the CIA is going to sell all of their coins, and they will destroy the value of Bitcoin.”

Roberto Escobar appears to believe in the success of its coin. In his book, he claims, “You can stick with your worthless coins. Keep the Ethereum, keep the TRON, keep the Ripple, keep the Bitcoin. You will see what happens. They will all go to zero, almost zero. But not my coin. Because my coin, this is going to be my new work in life.”

Roberto says that most of the cryptos available today are scams and that his coin will be there when all the other coins fall. To know more about Diet Bitcoin, you can read the whitepaper by following this link.

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