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PDX Coin vs Other Cryptocurrencies

Press Release

PDX Coin vs Other Cryptocurrencies

Reading Time: 2 minutes by on November 18, 2021 Press Releases
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Digital currencies are just like traditional ones for purchases or online payments. Like silver or gold, they are considered commodities as well. Thus, it is subject to fluctuations in the market, just as any other commodity.

People invest in digital assets like Bitcoin, hoping to earn quick money, as their acceptance and use are growing. If digital currencies fluctuate so much in value over such a short time span, you may wonder how businesses can continue to operate when accepting them.

In the PDX ecosystem, digital payments and banking provide the means for hundreds of millions of retail users, institutions, merchants, and vendors and other ecosystem partners to fully participate in the crypto economy easily and freely, with instant conversions and low fees. By implementing PDX new payments processing infrastructure, all major cryptocurrencies will become instantly liquid and usable in tens of millions of locations around the globe, facilitating the automation of the crypto economy for merchants, institutions, and ecosystem partners. 

Why PDX Coin?

To date, there are only TWO cryptocurrencies on the market that were designed to function as currencies and as stores of value: Bitcoin and PDX. Bitcoin has no assets or a business plan. PDX does. It’s purposefully designed to be an optimal store of value, as well as the world’s leading non-fiat exchange. 

PDX’s value upside will be determined by the number of downloads driven into the PDX payments and banking ecosystem before the end of the decade. PDX Team aims to reach at least 300 million users globally with a solid marketing strategy and campaign. In fact, even 10 million downloads will give PDX more than $30 billion of value, based on the number of tokens issued. A download and active user are each worth between $3,000 and $5,000. If the Team executes its plan, PDX could experience 100x price growth.

How to get PDX Coin?

PDX is currently holding a token sale session on the P2PB2B exchange. As an added bonus, you will receive 10% off PDX. Up until December 5th, you can purchase coins and join the community. Afterwards, the token will be listed on the P2PB2B exchange. Till then, get ready for its upcoming listing on P2PB2B to buy and trade.

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