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PlanetWatch Partners with Algorand to Launch Air Quality Ledger Solution

French startup firm PlanetWatch has revealed its partnership with Algorand blockchain to build a global air quality ledger solution. The development of a global air quality ledger will be initiated by PlanetWatch and the ledger will be built on the Algorand blockchain.

Sensors Deployed to Monitor Air Pollution Limits

According to the press release the PlanetWatch had already deployed over 100 sensors in the Italian cities of Milan and Taranto. The sensors deployed was developed by PlanetWatch in partnership with Wiseair and a grant from Algorand Foundation.

Each sensor will check for environmental pollution limits within the cities deployed and also monitor this levels over a period of time. Data collected will be used to study the connections between the presence of diseases to pollution and industrial production which can be assessed and relevant legislation approved.

The sensor networks are part of PlanetWatch aim to leverage citizen associations with corporate partners to raise the standards of environmental monitoring. This according to the firm would help protect public health and improve the environment.

It is expected that there will be more deployment of air sensors in other countries as a result of the partnership.

Speaking on the partnership, Sean Lee, CEO of Algorand Foundation believes that the Algorand blockchain is capable of handling huge data volumes.

“By building on a blockchain with the speed and scale of Algorand, PlanetWatch can be confident that as their network scales to millions of devices and daily measurements, Algorand will be able to comfortably handle data volumes, while making the data accessible to all.”

Algorand One of the Fastest-Growing Blockchain Platforms

Algorand is regarded as one of the fastest-growing blockchain platforms and has recorded huge developments in 2020.  The blockchain platform in June integrated the USDC stable coin becoming the second blockchain network after Ethereum to issue the popular stablecoin.

This was followed by news that popular exchange Coinbase had added its token ALGO to its exchange. Algorand has also made moves to empower blockchain startups with its recent Asia and Europe accelerator programs.

Its latest partnership with PlanetWatch is a good one for the blockchain as it expands its potentials towards climate change and conservation. More developments are expected from the blockchain platform in the coming months.

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Adeniyi Olowoporoku

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