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PopChest to Host “Bitcoin & the Blockchain for the Entertainment Industry” in the Heart of Hollywood

Reading Time: < 1 minute by on November 25, 2015 Press Releases

Film, Television, and Music communities discuss the coming disruption.

The entertainment industry is facing a series of epic challenges as it struggles to remain relevant in the 21st century. Music is under siege from its devaluation brought by the transition from physical sales to streaming. As film and television move to the cloud, ad-blockers and illegal torrent sites threaten to drain revenue from global media brands.

Valerian Bennett, founder & CEO of PopChest, will present a future vision of Hollywood where Bitcoin and blockchain technology provides the answers to some of entertainment’s most pressing questions. Intellectual property rights management, crowdfunding, transparency, peer-to-peer payments and many more tantalizing topics will be on the agenda during the presentation at WeWork Hollywood.

Mr. Bennett says, “In many ways, the entertainment industry is operating within the same paradigm as it was when color film took over from black-and-white. After a billion dollars of investment in 2015, Bitcoin and blockchain technologies are slowly eating the financial services world. It won’t stop there. Every industry is poised to be transformed in the same way the internet changed everything. That must be terrifying for the incumbents. But for the upstarts, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Hollywood is the perfect place to start visualizing this industry’s future.”

A panel discussion will follow featuring two pioneers in the space: Tatiana Moroz, creator of Tatiana Coin — the first ever Artist Coin, and Laura Lopez of and Bitcoin Classes.

About PopChest, Inc.

PopChest is a distributed content distribution platform that leverages Bitcoin to provide instant, worldwide micropayments for media.

Media Contact

Name: Valerian Bennett | Email: [email protected] | Phone: 310-243-6532

Event Website:

Company Website:

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